Success cases

pdpaola image

PD Paola

Paola and Humbert founded PD Paola to promote women’s empowerment through a designer jewelry brand. They offer their products online and offline.

nomad coffee shop

Nomad Coffee

Nomad Coffee is a high-end coffee production and sales company. They also have three physical points of sale where you will enjoy a unique experience.


Visionario is a brand of sunglasses with its own stores and online sales. In just 2 years they have opened 4 stores in Barcelona, ​​in addition to having a presence in festivals and events with pop up stores.

crepes and textas

Crepes & Texas

Crepes and Texas is a marketing and advertising agency that works for the main multinationals in the country.

verse image


Verse is a Barcelona mobile payment Startup that has obtained more than 30 million financing and a presence in more than 27 countries in less than 2 years.

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