Kluppy has revamped something as old as typing through game-based learning.

Iñaki funded Kluppy in the middle of the economic crisis. He took the plunge in the most challenging time: “I was getting paid late and poorly, like many others. After a talk with a ‘mentor’ we set out on our adventure, with more enthusiasm than knowledge of what we were getting into.”


Kluppy is focused on typography learning in schools and for individuals. “We are based in the Basque Country, 99% of our customers are from there, but our goal is to expand to the whole of Spain and increase sales [...] Our objective is to be present in most of the schools in the country. This will also help us to develop our product better.”


“We must be realistic with your goals. You will have ups and downs. Just try to stay calm and stick to your objective.”


The company blends traditional typography with a very trendy feature: “videogames”. In addition to teaching through games, it automatically adapts to the user’s lever so that learning is more enjoyable.


“SMEs are the biggest driving force of the economy. They create a lot of economic and social benefits to the country.”


Beginnings are always tough for an SME, in addition to what it is a moment of vulnerability and lack of resources. Iñaki tells us that “as soon as we started, we presented our product to a bunch of people. Shortly after, we found out that they built their own version of our software. Despite this, we decided to keep going, but with one condition: to improve. Constant improvement is our key differentiator.”


“Holded was crucial in filling administrative gaps.”


“As we are still growing, we face daily lack of resources, we don’t even have an administrative department, and Holded was our solution to speed up collections and send recurring invoices. Now we have everything in order and sending the quarterly closing to our consultants is very simple.”


“We tried a few ERPs before but they didn’t meet our expectations, especially because we wanted it to be online. Holded was everything we were looking for and we’ve been together for quite a few years now.”


“With Holded I save dozens of working hours each month.”


“They help me mostly with the accounts. Now, also with employees time tracking and I’m sure they will with our new online store. I love the integrations and having the API.”


Given the Holded’s many features, it’s extremely easy to optimize resources “once the recurring invoices are ready at the beginning of the quarter. Creating a collection remittance and sending it to the bank is a matter of minutes. At first, we used to do this with ancient banking software, it was a nightmare.”


“The many hours I used to spend solving administrative problems can now be devoted to improving Kluppy.”


From Donostia, Kluppy wishes to help with typing learning with its game-like and intuitive system. They want to make life easier for everyone else, and we want to make it easier too for them, so that they can devote their time to what truly matters: growing.

«Go out and get customers, they won't come to you».

Iñaki Unanue

CEO at Kluppy

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