Delbes Ibiza

In a sector dominated by throwaway trends, they seek to recreate traditional, handcrafted clothes from Ibiza.

As I child she used to spend the afternoons with her great-grandmother, who taught her the history of Ibiza  and all the traditions that unfortunately were being lost.


Years later, Sonia Ferrer decided to launch Delbes, a brand that, in an industry dominated by throwaway trends, seeks to recreate traditional clothes from the place where she grew up. She was told that she was crazy, that no one would buy old-fashioned garments, but still she took the plunge: “This is what I want to do, we’ll see if anyone will want to buy”.


Sonia knows firsthand that to start a new business you must have everything under control. That’s why she chose Holded. “2021 doesn’t begin on a high note, but it does start off well organized”, order is key for a business to succeed. And not only that, Holded has all you need for an ecommerce store like Delbes: expense and sales reports, inventory, customized invoices in seconds…


“It’s a very practical and user-friendly platform”, with which she saves time in management so she can focus on keeping tradition alive in Ibiza.

«With Delbes I show the face of Ibiza that I love most».

Sonia Ferrer

Founder of Delbes Ibiza

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