La Tecnocreativa

Digital school of fashion and technology under the philosophy of lifelong learning.

Learning from anywhere and not losing the energy of the presential classroom is one of the pillars of this school that combines creativity, fashion, virtual reality and technology.


La Tecnocreativa uses technology as part of the learning experience. Its founders firmly believe that, in a world where everything is moving so fast and where new digital tools are emerging every day, it is necessary to practice lifelong learning: to keep learning every day.


Holded has managed to connect the passion for creative and adaptable teaching to the more administrative side of the organization, but has also made it possible for students to learn how to make invoices and budgets with just a couple of clicks.


"Holded has revolutionized the way we work.”

«We use the time Holded saves us to develop the school ».

Alonso Becerril.

Managing director of La Tecnocreativa.

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