Accounting software for small businesses

One click to stay on top of your bookkeeping.

Hello, automations. Goodbye, headaches.

By automating your bookkeeping, you’ll be saving time, money and many inconveniences on your everyday tasks.

Your ledger more independent than ever

Select predefined entries for them to generate automatically as you invoice away.

Spot offset entries from miles away

Thanks to the Offset Entries Finder, you’ll be able to identify quickly anything that’s not working.

Amortize assets in the blink of an eye

Holded will count your assets for you, so you can forget about writing entries manually.

Import and export in a couple of steps

To import or export any information regarding your bookkeeping, past or present, all you need to do is upload or download an Excel sheet.

Bookkeeping made easy

Holded updates your accounts automatically every time there’s a transaction.

Down to the last cent

Thanks to Holded’s Profit and Loss report, you’ll be able to analyze the evolution of your income and expenses by filtering results.

Find your balance in real time

Holded makes it easy for you to stay on top of assets and debts, to have a clear view of your financial situation at all times.

Sales and expenses accounts down to a T

Link your sales and expenses accounts to contacts, products or invoices and analyze them thoroughly with our reports.

All your banks in one place

Synchronize your banks and get a clear picture of how your finances are evolving from the comfort of your very own Holded account.

Avoid surprises with cash

Holded is constantly updating your Cash Flow report, so you’re always prepared for upcoming payments.

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Your accounting and every aspect of your business in one platform

Connect your invoicing

Connect your projects

Connect your products

Connect your team

Connect your opportunities

And much more…

There’s not enough room in a single page to talk about everything Holded Accounting can do.

Account Objectives

Determine if you want to set annual or monthly goals for your accounts.

Sales channels

Activate sales channels to keep track of your most important accounts.

Expense accounts

Assign expense accounts to contacts, products or invoices to analyze their performance.

Immediate start

Transfer your accounts chart with a couple of clicks when creating your Holded account.

Loan management

Manage the different stages of a loan in a simple way from the ledger.

Custom fields

Add additional information to your contacts and classify them in the most convenient way.


Analyze reports generated in real-time with the information entered in your accounts.


Export your Holded data to a file compatible with A3 accounting software.

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