A unique creative agency, specialized in the textile and fashion industry with a long trajectory in the sector.

Many times, the concept of a company is not in the originality of the one who found it, but in a gap in the sector at a certain point. This is the case of VRANDED, a creative agency from Madrid: “We, Martín and Sergio, had experience in the fashion industry, working in an online clothing brand. That’s what allowed us to identify the need for a B2B creative agency specialized in textile. As a result, we specialized in providing design and corporate identity solutions for other companies.”


“Kick off as soon as you can, of course, with a viable product. There will be enough time to refine and adjust, because it is easier to change an idea than to create a new one.”


“The large number of SMEs is due to the individual strength of Spanish entrepreneurs. This is why I think that project management by teams and the communication between them have been a challenge we have had to face since the beginning during the growth of VRANDED. We have always relied on platforms that simplify communication and organization, such as ASANA. SLACK or HOLDED.”


Everything mentioned above by Sergio and Martín has a purpose: “in order for the output to be flawless in terms of deadlines and quality, we need a comprehensive follow-up of each operation with data analytics. This allows us to control the daily workflows so that problems don’t arise.”


“We needed a 100% cloud-based ERP that would fit our philosophy.”


“From the very beginning we have always managed web design projects, online stores and all that this implies (logistics, invoicing, customer service…). So we were looking for an ERP solution that would allow us to integrate all this information (Shopify, Paypal, etc.).”


“We have grown together with Holded and we’ve implemented many things that we found we could easily manage thanks to you guys.”


“Of course, invoicing is one of the main solutions you provide. But there’s much more: inventory and project management, HR… Items we could have in 5 different programs but can manage from a single one. We really like the projects feature, too, and the cash flows. It’s great for a manager who wants to know the actual pulse of his company at all times.”


“Lastly, I would like to highlight how well Holded integrates with our online stores and customer portal, which makes it much easier for us to manage many of our projects.”


“Holded listens to us and many of the upgrades we have asked for have been popping up over time. Being listened to as a client is something we absolutely love.”

«One of the keys to success is to be quick in dealing with the clients».

Martín & Sergio Mosquera


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