The Healthiest Choice

Healthy, balanced and affordable homemade food.

After becoming a nurse, Jessica Chica thought she knew what her profession was going to be like. But seeing what the hospital food was like, she couldn't sit idly by. This is how The Healthiest Choice was born, healthy, balanced and affordable homemade food. Jess started cooking from home, later she rented a stove and when demand grew, she decided to open her own kitchen.


Running a business is not an easy task, which is why Holded has been of great help to her: “For someone who doesn't have any accounting experience, Holded is very visual. It gives me a lot of reassurance because I can see my company numbers with full transparency.”


Since the beginning of The Healthiest Choice, Holded has been one of the team, which has saved time in invoicing: "Because of my type of restaurant business, I have to issue a lot of invoices and thanks to Holded, everything is much more accessible and clear".

«Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn, but you never lose. Everything is an experience».

Jessica Chica

The Healthiest Choice Founder

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