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Enjoy complete control over your finances and visualize your business in seconds.

More options for your customers

Your customers can pay by bank transfer, credit/debit card, and PayPal.

Customize your invoices

Boost your corporate image with more than 40 customizable templates.

Stay on top of your invoice status

Track your cash flow with tracking options and payment reminder features.

Offer personalized attention

Set different prices for new customers and create recurring discounts for loyal ones.

Solidify relationships with your customers

Holded helps you understand each client and offer personalized treatment.

Handle your leads with a personal touch

Create a contact for each customer and add the details you need.

Present your customers with their own dashboard

Give your customers access to their entire history. Show them their personalized portal to see invoices and approve budgets made by you.

Close more deals

Visualize all the opportunities and potential projects you have at any given time.

Get a global view of your business

Make informed decisions by studying your cash flow and understanding where your money is going.

Stay on top of profit and loss

Your profit and loss report is constantly updated and relevant to what is happening.

Manage your time better

Track time to get paid by the hour or project, monitor how fast you're working, or plan your next move.

Stay on top of deadlines

Keep your clients updated and set a precise delivery date. You can also set deadlines for payments.

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