An urban farm with the mission to promote sustainability through food.

Their website describes Instagreen as "The sustainable urban farm of Barcelona". This is a company that grows sprouts for those who appreciate fresh and healthy food.


They not only sell to companies in the catering industry but to direct customers as well, and in the wake of the crisis caused by the pandemic, they have started offering online training in urban farm management.


Remko and Anneke (founders) come from the world of architecture and design, where the creative aspect is much more present than any other, so they needed an intuitive and versatile program that could manage the varied offer of their company.


After working with different management programs, they discovered Holded and since then, according to them, it has been a vital piece of their business.

«I would describe Holded as an app that can manage everything you want to forget about as an entrepreneur. ».

Remko Dirkmaat


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