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Invoice templates that seal the deal

✓ Choose from 40+ professional invoice templates, add your logo, pick your colors — make it yours

✓ Send a quote a new customer or automatically request payments from your loyal clients

✓ Streamline payment processes with recurring invoices — set a send date and you’re good to go

Your money, your way

✓ Connect to 300+ banks in a few clicks – then set up magic bank reconciliation and win back hours

✓ Get paid through PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit/Debit Card

✓ Personalize retentions and percentages. Select the required tax and Holded will do the math for you

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Reporting – with less headaches

✓ Effortlessly view due dates, pending invoices, and amounts collected

✓ Clean and digestible dashboards help you see your business vitals in one quick glance

✓ Know what your cashflow looks like, whenever you want, from wherever you are

Complete control for you and your clients

✓ Customer portals let clients check their average bill, orders placed, pending payments, and more

✓ Understand your financial relationships with stunning graphs and tables, updated in real-time

✓ Save your customer details to Holded’s CRM and see all their information, in one place

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What are the benefits of cloud-based invoicing?

By using a robust invoicing tool that is cloud-based, you can bypass the need for going out on the hunt for an invoicing template — all the good ones come with them built-in. In addition to this, invoicing tools enable the sending of invoices directly from the platform itself. No more downloading PDFs and attaching them to emails. Everything in one place, just where you need it to be.

Who is this invoicing software for?

Holded is flexible and adaptable. Thousands of SMBs, agencies, and freelancers use Holded to create and send beautiful, customizable invoices to clients. Choose an invoicing tool that tracks your sales and payments from quote to collection — giving you time back to run your business.

How can automatic invoicing help me?

A huge benefit of using invoicing platforms and tools is the automation of invoicing. For example, if you have a regular client who you do work for on a month-by-month basis that has the same scope and fee, you can generate their invoice automatically each month. Instead of creating and sending an invoice each month, it is done automatically and, if agreed to, the funds for the invoice can be automatically debited from your client’s account on that date.

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