Dattechs is an AI-based Task Management Systems company that is breaking barriers in certain sectors stuck in the past.

Eduardo is straightforward: “In my life there have always been two closely linked threads:

  • Generating a good work environment that drives the team in terms of performance and commitment. 
  • Not understanding my professional or personal life without questioning what I do and how I can improve.”


This, along with the following statement, made it possible for Eduardo Ybarra to create Dattechs, an AI-based Task Management Systems company: "the traditional companies/industries where I have developed my professional life (construction and engineering) are not very receptive to change and do not feel comfortable with professionals with that attitude. It is easier for them to waste hours and talent on data crunching, instead of thinking about how to automate processes and get people to focus on adding value to the company.”


"As I kept hitting a wall time after time, I decided to start the  very hard road of entrepreneurship and dedicate myself to helping companies in their digital transformation process. Five years ago I was called crazy in my homeland, now they don't laugh so much anymore..."


"In Spain there should be a strong strategy to help local companies that are generating high value".


"Regarding clients, we have had to deal with a brutal resistance to change. Business owners are very fed up with some consulting firms gouging to receive low value-added products. On the other hand, we have also had to advocate the benefits of digital transformation, because companies had not even considered it. Now in 2020 they are beginning to know what it is and, therefore, to question whether they need it... The current health crisis is going to make it happen. It's one of the few positive things all this is going to bring."


There is no entrepreneur who talks about his or her beginning in a simple way, but there is no one who does not recommend it either. Eduardo advises all entrepreneurs: "Don't be afraid, but don't be reckless. Try to combine your current job with your passion. Grow cash and business before jumping into funding rounds... There are thousands of startups that are simply unsustainable. You must know how to manage scarcity and be able to anchor yourself in a powerful feeling that you can hold on to when the road gets rough. That determination is what's going to keep you going."


"In a large company, decisions are made by people with a defensive posture, who fear for their position and therefore make low-risk decisions."


Having a strong driver and a solid goal is a great first step to entrepreneurship. In Eduardo's case, that feeling was this: "I had a clear vision that a quantity surveyor (Eduardo's title) was going to have a hard time within 10 years. It was time to reinvent myself. I lived through the housing crisis and I knew that another one would come. That feeling of 'there's no turning back' is what pushed me to go on."


In terms of the company's management structure, Eduardo admits: "I am a control freak, I need to know how my company is doing at every moment. A ship without a compass or rudder can only take you to the bottom of the sea. In my professional career I have worked with all kinds of ERP (SAP, SAGE, NAVISION...). From the start of the project, it was clear to me that a company cannot run on Excel and paper, because it is more expensive, you spend more time and it is not solid.


"I learned about Holded through Flipboard and it was an instant crush. For me Holded covers it all at an unbeatable price."


I absolutely love the fact that customer support is fast and in Spanish, with a business model very similar to ours, flawless design, synchronization with banks... the new CRM is the bomb! Just great.

«With Holded you get to see your company in 4K».

Eduardo Ybarra

CEO at Dattechs

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