AINA Joies

Handmade jewelry designed in Barcelona with excellent attention to detail.

AINA Joies is a jewelry brand created by Aina Ministral in Barcelona. From the very beginning, in street markets, she has been designing and creating the pieces herself.


Even though her hobby has become a business, the essence of AINA remains the same: all the jewels are handmade, and all of them pass under the watchful eye of Aina, who ends up retouching many of them. Aina has three stores in Barcelona, one of which is dedicated to creating bespoke pieces. Customers can book an appointment with Aina herself to discuss the particularities of the piece they would like to own. 


Aina is a reference in Barcelona when it comes to unique and personalized jewelry, and thanks to the personal and close treatment with its clients, a great future awaits.

«Thanks to Holded, when I leave this store, I can be a mother».

Aina Ministral

AINA Joies Founder

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