Manage your e-commerce with the 'all-in-one' business management software

Connect your e-commerce with Holded to save time in managing your business and focus on what you do best.

Connect your favorite apps with Holded

Our integrations allow you to expand the horizons of your Holded account.


Synchronise product data, stock and warehouse data.


Synchronise products, orders and customers from your online shop.


Integrate your PrestaShop shop(s) with Holded.


Automate the process of importing orders.


Offer your customers another quick way to pay online.


Facilitate the payment of your invoices with this payment gateway that can be used from the customer portal.

You don't need to be an accountant to keep your finances in order

✓ Update your bookkeeping instantly by connecting it with your invoicing.


✓ Add the tax you want to your invoices and Holded will do the maths for you.


✓ Analyze reports created in real time to understand what's happening.

Invoices that almost create themselves

✓ Create and send invoices in seconds.


✓ Schedule recurring invoices in a couple of clicks.


✓ Stay on top of your paid and pending invoices.

Detailed up-to-date inventory

✓ Connect your online shops on Shopify, PrestaShop and Amazon with Holded.


✓ Don't worry about stock, Holded keeps track of the inventory and updates data online.


✓ Upload your products in detail to classify them individually or in batches.


A software to keep everything up to date

How does Holded help your e-commerce?

Whatever your e-commerce is about, Holded will make it easy for you to manage it, updating your accounting and inventory, so you can spend as much time as you need on your business.

Automated processes

Invoicing? Automated... Reporting? Automated... Whatever can be done on its own, will be done.

Useful integrations

Connect Holded with your e-commerce platforms and other applications such as Stripe, Zapier or Google Drive.

More control

Holded connects every aspect of your e-commerce under one platform.

Any time - Any place

All you need to access Holded is your computer and connection to the internet.

Different payment methods

Allow your customers to pay using PayPal, Square or Stripe to improve their shopping experience.

Organised catalogues

Create as many as you need to offer your customers an easy way to find, buy and pay for your products.

A useful, easy and intuitive management tool. It is a "must" for managing an e-commerce like ours. Easy and efficient integrations.

Luis Miguel.



Your e-commerce and the rest of your management connected on a single platform.

Connect your invoicing

Create invoices in seconds and schedule them with a single click.

Connect your accounting

Keep a close eye on every movement and get an overview of your finances in an instant.

Connect your inventory

Monitor your changing inventory in real-time and control your sales cycle.

Connect your CRM

Manage your leads with a personal touch and turbocharge your sales.

Connect your projects

Plan each step, visualize the goal and calculate the profitability of your projects.

Connect your HR

Empower and organise your team with the best HR tools.

More than 80,000 companies already use Holded

Automate 40 hours of work per month
Process invoices 160 times faster
+ 160
Get paid 80% faster than with manual processes

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