Holded POS: sales in your store, accounting in the cloud

Start selling in your shop with Holded POS, while keeping the management of your business in the Cloud.

Sell anytime, anywhere

POS designed for SMEs

Seamlessly connect a store with your Holded account and control all aspects of your business from one place.

Sales & returns on your tablet

Complete sales on the POS using a tablet or issue refunds.

Printed or digital receipt

You can print the receipt or email it to the customer.

Cash or card payments

Accept the payment methods that work for you, they will be automatically assigned to your business bank account.

Pause sales

Put an ongoing sale on hold, so you can continue it later.

Check the sales history

Check at any time for details on all past sales and returns.

Manage your clients information

Add existing customers prior to the sale or create new ones.

Stock up-to-date

Holded tracks your stock in the shop to update your data in the cloud.

Automatic accounting entries

Holded automatically creates accounting entries for POS sales and refunds.

Everything in one place

With just one tool, you can connect all aspects of your business.

Replace manual processes with intuitive software

Holded is more than invoices, it's the software that has everything you need to manage your business wherever and whenever you want.

Connect your compatible devices

Get all the hardware you need to sell in your store or wherever you want.

Receipts printer

You can print your sales receipts by connecting your printers via Bluetooth.

Barcode reader

Link your reader via Bluetooth and add products to your transaction.

Cash registers

Create the cash registers you need in Holded and connect them to the printer.

Explore Holded POS-compatible devices

To use the POS, you only need a tablet, but you can also connect other devices.

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