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Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from the Account page in Settings. If you have less than 50 invoices you can switch to the Basic plan and still use your account. Any more than this and you will have to delete your account to cancel your subscription. Account deletions are final and data deleted cannot be recovered. We therefore strongly recommend exporting your data before you cancel a subscription.

Can I change plans at any time?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from the Plans page. If you want to downgrade your plan, your number of stored documents cannot exceed the maximum of your new plan.

Can I import my data from another program?

Of course. At Holded we have worked hard to create the most effective and user-friendly importers possible. We understand that migrating data is one of the main drawbacks of changing software. So we have a vast range of importers, as well as specific importers for several programs. Create a free account to see just how easy it is to import your data.

Can I customise Holded to my company?

With hundreds of customisation options, it’s easy to adapt Holded to your company.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Your data is safer in the cloud than on your computer. Holded hosts all data on Google Cloud servers, and backups are made constantly to guarantee the safety of your information. Additionally, these server farms are spaces dedicated to data storage, so they are equipped with the latest in digital and physical protection technologies.

Is the information I enter into Holded confidential?

All the information that you enter in Holded is your property, and of course it is confidential. Holded complies with European Data Protection Regulations, and all files are registered in the AEPD. Every Holded team member with access to the data has signed a confidentiality agreement, and the access is only used in order to improve the product and offer user support.

Can I make backup copies?

We know that having a backup is important, not just for data security but for peace of mind too. So we created an entire export page to let you make backups in 1 click, when you download the zip file with all your Holded information.

All plans include


Sale and purchase management tailor made for you. Consult and update your finances in real time, and much more.


Holded automatically updates your accounting ledger, or you can do it manually. Either way, accounting has never been easier.


Manage every single one of your customers, suppliers and creditors in one highly customisable database.


Manage your cashflow seamlessly through payments, collections and due dates, including any forecasts you decide to add.


Synchronise and reconcile your bank statements automatically, and take control your treasury.


Calculate your taxes automatically, and customise their format however you need to for filing.


Personalise how you manage your products and gain a complete knowledge of sales, purchases and inventory


Add your services to Holded for rapid and visual sales analysis.


Generate over 500 personalised reports, and access the information you need in real time.

And much more

With Holded you can intuitively manage ever aspect of your business to easily automate most of your daily tasks.

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