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  • 2 free users
  • Manage Clients & Suppliers
  • Create and send Invoices & Quotes
  • Manage Purchases & Expenses

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  • All the Free plan features
  • Custom document templates
  • Sync 1 bank
  • Invoice inbox

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  • All Free & Starter plan features
  • Multiple currency support
  • Sync 3 banks
  • User permissions
  • Cashflow

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What’s included:

  • All the Free, Starter & Standard plan features
  • Magic reconciliation
  • Sync Unlimited bank accounts
  • Corporate portal
  • Recurring invoices
  • Advanced reporting
  • Bank Remittances

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Human Resources made easy. Effortlessly manage contracts, payrolls, employee benefits & vacation.

Start for Free, or upgrade to Team Plus for just 1.5€ a month per employee.


Take control of your project profitability in real-time. Assign responsibilities within your team and follow-up on their progress.


Manage, move and organize your stock in different locations with fully traceable information.

Start for Free, or upgrade to Inventory Plus for just 25€ a month.


Boost your sales by capturing and converting leads, with our streamlined Customer Relationship Management tool.


Put your accounting on autopilot and let Holded take charge of the numbers.


2 free users with any plan

In Holded you can invite as many users as you want. Users can access any product, depending on the permissions you have given them.

Add an additional user to your plan for just 10€ a month.

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Extra invoices: +10€ /month for every 5,000 invoices, renewed annually
Extra contacts: +10€ /month for every 1,000 contacts
Bank Sync 1 Bank3 BanksUnlimited Banks
Live Chat Support
Send Quotes
Manage Pro Forma
Manage Expenses
Extra products: +10€ /month for every 1,000 products
Inventory Management
Clients & Suppliers
OCR Invoice Reader
Electronic Invoices
Custom Document Template
Invoice Inbox
Multiple currency support
Send Documents from your own Server
Electronic Taxes
User Permissions
Total User Permission Customization
Magic Emails
Magic Reconciliation
Corporate Portal
Recurring Invoicing
Bank Remittances
Custom Fields in Contacts
Advanced Reporting
Extra User10€ /mo10€ /mo10€ /mo10€ /mo


Who is Holded for?

Holded is designed to help all types of companies manage sales, finance, operations, and human resources easily.

Can I try it without paying?

The Holded Basic plan is free forever, and you try any of our premium plans for 14 days. Once the trial period is over, you will be charged for the plan that you have selected the trial of.

Will I learn to use holded easily?

We have designed Holded to make it very easy to start working and learn how it works, from the most basic to the most advanced. You also have our Academy , where you will find all the help you need to become a Business Hero.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from the Account page in Settings. If you have less than 50 invoices you can switch to the Free plan and still use your account. Any more than this and you will have to delete your account to cancel your subscription. Account deletions are final and data deleted cannot be recovered. We therefore strongly recommend exporting your data before you cancel a subscription.

Can I change plans at any time?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from the Plans page. If you want to downgrade your plan, your number of stored documents cannot exceed the maximum of your new plan.

Can I import my data from another program?

Of course. At Holded we have worked hard to create the most effective and user-friendly importers possible. We understand that migrating data is one of the main drawbacks of changing software. So we have a vast range of importers, as well as specific importers for several programs. Create a free account to see just how easy it is to import your data.

Is the information I enter into Holded confidential?

All the information that you enter in Holded is your property, and of course, it is confidential. Holded complies with European Data Protection Regulations, and all files are registered in the AEPD. Every Holded team member with access to the data has signed a confidentiality agreement, and access is only used in order to offer user support.

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