Inventory management and manufacturing for SMBs

Monitor your changing inventory in real-time and control your sales cycle.

Customizable product details

Create and manage different types of products — then create custom categories to classify them.

Make groups of variants with different options for an agile and personalized management.

Add multiple sales prices to your products and manage products with lots or serial numbers.

Production orders and Bills of Materials

Manufacturing for Holded

Automatically calculate the manufacturing price of finished products, taking into account purchase prices and labour costs.


Create Bills of Materials for finished products, specifying the components and units required per production.


With rapid manufacturing systems, choose finished products to manufacture, increase their stock, and consume materials.


Generate and print production orders, detailing the list of materials required for production.

Complete control over your stock

Manage your stock in different warehouses and execute  stock adjustments and transfers.


Assign alarms and check which products are below the stock limit.


Use reports to analyse your product metrics and check the stock value by date.

Orders and shipping made easy

Manage incoming and outgoing goods with sales and purchase orders and delivery notes.


Use the barcode scanner to send or receive your products.


Create pipelines to manage the status of your orders.

All your stores connected

Create a fully customizable product catalog which shows your shining products.

Integrate with your favorite e-commerce tools like Shopify, PrestaShop, and Amazon.

Import your products and synchronize the stock levels between your online shop and Holded.

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