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Managing your whole business was no piece of cake. Until now.
Holded is the best full-stack cloud management software for businesses and freelancers.

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Billing software

Run your business like a hero with our full-stack billing software. Create estimates and invoices and track payments and income. Manage your budget, taxes, contacts and stock and send personalized invoices to your clients directly through the platform.

Other accounting features:

  1. Calculate tax liabilities.
  2. Create and maintain products with multiple attributes.
  3. Manage your cash flow to improve your financial planning.
  4. Manage your team with simple profiling and payroll automation.
  5. Create projects with tasks, subtasks and time tracking.
simple invoice template generator

Free invoice template

Customize your templates with our free invoice template generator and save them for future invoices. Upload your business logo, choose your font type and color and send your invoices to your clients directly from Holded.

Create free estimates templates, waybills, orders and purchases. And don't worry, the Holded logo will not appear in any of your documents.

Your mobile business

The world of business has changed. You have changed. Your smartphone is your most precious business tool. That’s why absolutely all Holded features are available on your mobile phone and tablet thanks to the free iOS and Android app. Fully functional, also on mobile.

Turn your phone into a receipt scanner and keep track of your expenses. Just take a picture of your receipts or upload them afterwards if your battery died before you got the bill.

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simple invoice template generator

Receipts Manager

Stop saving tickets in your back pocket until you get a chance to process them. The receipt manager in Holded allows you or your company to start handling expenses like the world’s biggest corporations do.

See all your expense activity, and your team’s, in an easy to use dashboard that will give you the control you need to maximize your business efficiency.

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Holded Catalog

Increase your sales with Holded Catalog. Give to your customers the ultimate purchasing experience while making profit out of it.

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billing for iphone ios app

Lovely features

Sample invoice

Choose between all our sample invoice templates and customize it with your logo, font and text colors.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory with multiple warehouses and know what you have at all times.

Send your invoices

Create invoices and send them via email using our built-in feature with your custom message and signature.

Bank connected

Upload your bank statements and match them with your income and expenses so you never lose a cent.

Save Time

Spend your time making things happen while Holded takes care of your business.

Fast learning curve

Usability goes first. Learn to use the whole platform with our video tutorials.

Safety first

All your data is encrypted using industry-leading methods with SSL Certificates.

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It's free. Pay only if you are a business hero.

Full-stack billing and accounting software

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