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Automate the management of your construction company and let Holded take care of the paperwork and invoices.


Manage all aspects of your business with a single tool

Your invoices won't create themselves, but almost

✓ Create legally compliant sales invoices in a couple of clicks.


✓ Prepare budgets from Holded, send them and send them as invoices when approved.


✓ Facilitate multiple payment methods to facilitate the collection of your invoices.

Save a lot of time by automating your bookkeeping

✓ Add the tax you want to your invoices and Holded will do the math for you.


✓ Holded creates accounting entries every time there is a movement in your accounts.


✓ Generate reports to control every aspect of your finances.

Organise your stock in detail

✓ Update stock through automated invoices, orders and delivery notes.


✓ Monitor your product deliveries with custom codes.


✓ Automatically generate an invoice every time you receive a customer order.

Manage and organise your team

✓ Manage holidays and absences with an overview in the calendar.


✓ Keep track of your employees' working hours from Holded.


✓ Post their payrolls so that they can download them from their profile.

Holded has helped me to manage invoicing and to be able to keep track of everything that goes with it: budgets, sales and purchase orders, delivery notes, etc.

Responsable of NORMATEST, SL

How can Holded help your business?

In a company that works in the construction sector, having all the information organised and the accounts clear is vital. Holded helps you to have everything centralised so that you save time and money in management.

One tool

Brings together the integral management of the company in a single tool.

Any time - Any place

All you need to access Holded is your computer and connection to the internet.

Easy to use

Holded is easy to use - and if you don't know something, you can always ask!

Everything connected

For each sale you make, an accounting entry will be automatically created, the invoice will be created and deducted from the stock.

Save hours of work

Invoicing? Automated... Reporting? Automated... Whatever can be done on its own, will be done.

Centralize your data

In a few clicks, you can find your most important information.

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You can do many things with Holded, but to start you don't have to know everything.

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