Children's products to decorate and warm up the homes of many families around the world.

Tresxics was born in 2018 by Susana Enrich. Today, they sell their children's decoration products all over the world thanks to their online shop.


They started out selling in other customers' physical shops, but there came a point when Susana realised that, in order to do things her way, she needed to take her business to the next level.


Although she doesn't consider herself a numbers person, she quickly adopted Holded for her ecommerce because it was so easy to use. With the software she can register all her products, have her entire catalogue online and manage her entire business from a single application:


"I have many platforms integrated in the application and every time I log in, I discover new things that I can implement in my company."



«It saves me time and it's really convenient. I can focus on designing, which is what makes the brand grow. ».

Susana Enrich

Founder at Tresxics

Preferred features:





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