Save time in managing your business

Whatever your business is about, having Holded will allow you to automate everyday tasks and focus on what you really need to do.


Simplify business management

Your invoices won't create themselves, but almost

✓ Create and send invoices in seconds.


✓ Schedule recurring invoices in a couple of clicks.


✓ Stay on top of your paid and pending invoices.

Up to date accounting

✓ Update your bookkeeping instantly by connecting it with your invoicing.


✓ Analyze reports created in real time to understand what's happening.


✓ Set your objectives based on real data instead of hunches.

Control all your projects from start to finish

✓ Organize your projects with an inutitive platform.


✓ Monitor the evolution of the tasks assigned to your team.


✓ View the updated income and expenses of each project.

Boost your leads with a top notch CRM software

✓ Centralize all your contacts in one place.


✓ Customize your sales strategies based on potential customers.


✓ Integrate your calendar and schedule events that bring you closer to the goal.

Holded is the perfect partner to save you hours of administration.

Rafael González del Castillo

CEO and Manager of Editeca

How Holded helps your company?

With Holded you have an ally that, like your business, is always updating and improving. In addition, you will have the best support to answer your questions.

Global vision

Holded represents your most important information visually so you can understand your business at a glance.

Any time - Any place

All you need to access Holded is your computer or phonr and connection to the internet.

Save time and money

It will automate many repetitive processes and save you over 40 hours per month.

Always up to date

Holded is constantly improving, adding features and benefits.

Support service

You can contact Holded via web chat, email or telephone.

Useful integrations

Connect Holded with your favourite applications such as Stripe, Zapier or Google Drive.

Try Holded completely free and without limits for 14 days

You can do many things with Holded, but to start you don't have to know everything.

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