A simple accounting solution for retail businesses

Save time on paperwork and focus on what you do best.


Billing software that adapts to your needs

3, 2, 1... Invoice sent

✓ Create and send invoices in seconds.


✓ Add the tax you want to your invoices and Holded will do the maths for you.


✓ Stay on top of your paid and pending invoices.

Detailed up-to-date inventory

✓ Don't worry about stock, Holded keeps track of inventory and updates data in the cloud.


✓ Upload your products with details to classify them as you wish.


✓ Integrate your favourite ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop and Amazon.

Sales connected with POS

✓ Set up your shop profile in Holded and synchronise it with the app.


✓ Print the sales receipt or send it to the customer by email.


✓ Save time with the automatic creation of accounting entries after each sale.

Accounting made easy

✓ Control your accounting thanks to automatic bank reconciliation.


✓ Collect payment in cash or by card and automatically allocate them to your bank account.


✓ View the status of your accounts with a single click.

When I leave this store, I can be a mother thanks to Holded.

Aina Ministral

AINA Joies Founder

How does Holded help your shop?

Between inventory, sales and dealing with customers, it's normal that you don't have time for management tasks. With Holded, you can automate almost everything to do with your business numbers, so you can focus on what really matters.

More control

The management of your store will be in one place so that you can have everything crystal clear.

Saves hours of work

Invoicing? Automated... Reporting? Automated... Whatever can be done on its own, will be done.

Simpler processes

You will have all the information about your store on the platform, and you will be able to access what you need quickly.

All connected

For each sale you make, an accounting entry will be automatically created, the invoice will be created and deducted from the stock.

Any time - Any place

All you need to access Holded is your computer or phone and connection to the internet.

Uncomplicated software

Holded has a very intuitive design so that you can get to know the platform in no time.

Try Holded completely free and without limits for 14 days

You can do many things with Holded, but to start you don't have to know everything.

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