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Create budgets icon

Create budgets, invoices and much more

Save time, customise your invoices, and take complete control of your sale and purchase cycles.

  • Collect your bills online icon
    Collect your bills online

    Send and collect your bills from right inside Holded. Offer your customers a huge range of payment methods.

  • Deadline control icon
    Deadline control

    Control your payment deadlines: their amount, details about the date and time, and if they're collections, payments or your current liquidity. Presented beautifully in clear graphs and diagrams.

  • Client and supplier profiles icon
    Client and supplier profiles

    Check the profile of each of your customers & suppliers to have an overview of your current financial situation.

Accounting software icon

Accounting software

Put your accounting on autopilot and let Holded take charge of the numbers.

  • Connect your banks icon
    Connect your banks

    Synchronise your bank statements automatically, and take control your treasury.

  • Automatic accounting entries icon
    Automatic accounting entries

    Your profit and loss account, always up-to-date.

  • Automatic reconciliation icon
    Automatic reconciliation

    Automatic bank synchronisation makes for easy reconciliation.

Manage your team<
Manage your team icon

Manage your team

Store all the details you need for your employees, optimise team management, and schedule PTO effortlessly

  • Absence management icon
    Absence management

    Monitor your employees vacations and absences due to illness.

  • Payroll management icon
    Payroll management

    Manage and post payroll, including base salary, supplements and whatever else you want to include.

  • Contract management icon
    Contract management

    Simple, effective and unlimited administrative organization.



Increase your sales with a powerful and simple CRM that adapts to your needs. Manage your leads with personalised sales funnels, and access any customer information at any time.

  • Customise your sales funnels icon
    Customise your sales funnels

    Generate more sales when you have a more complete overview of your customers with Holded CRM.

  • Import your contacts
    Import your contacts

    In seconds you can load all of your contacts to Holded with our Import Templates.

  • Access the Customer Profile icon
    Access the Customer Profile

    Check your client's profile to quickly see detailed information about their current situation

Manage as many projects as you want
Manage as many projects as you want icon

Manage as many projects as you want

Total control of your projects in real time. Assign responsibilities to your team, and receive a detailed follow-up.

  • Monitor the profitability of each project icon
    Monitor the profitability of each project

    Visualise project profitability in real time. Take financial control of your projects.

  • Many project views icon
    Many project views

    Stay organised with different project views, from Kanban boards, lists or Gantt charts.

  • Create lists and tasks icon
    Create lists and tasks

    Simple, intuitive and very effective. Create lists and assign tasks to your team members.

Inventory management icon

Inventory management

Take inventory management to the next level. Customise your products and processes down to the smallest detail to seamlessly adapt Holded to your business.

  • Create and import your stock icon
    Create and import your stock

    Manage products with variants or lots. Create product packs and manage stock groups.

  • Detailed Inventory management icon
    Detailed Inventory management

    Holded gives you complete control over your inventory, locating and accounting for it down to the finest detail. A holistic overview of each one of your products.

  • Your online store and warehouses: connected icon
    Your online store and warehouses: connected

    Your B2B online store connected to all of your other stores. Keep your stores updated automatically at all times. Analyse your sales and stock with real-time numbers.

Let your clients order online
Let your clients order online icon

Let your clients order online

With Holded's B2B online catalog your clients can buy your products online in an easy, direct and personalised way.

  • Configure your products icon
    Configure your products

    Configure your products down to the last detail. Create attributes and groups for every product in your catalog.

  • Customised client rates icon
    Customised client rates

    Adapt your pricing to different clients' needs, and assign each rate to their client profile.

  • Your online marketplace icon
    Your online marketplace

    Your clients place their orders just like in any other online store. Simply add products to the cart to start creating an order.

Calendar icon

Always be on time with Holded Calendar.

Daily tasks perfectly synchronised in an simple and intuitive calendar.

  • Add your events icon
    Add your events

    Update your calendar with complete details all of your upcoming events for watertight planning and organisation.

  • Filter by event type icon
    Filter by event type

    Modify search parameters by adding filters, such as event purpose, contacts, participants, and more.

  • Perfect organisation icon
    Perfect organisation

    Enjoy our clean, elegant and totally organised calendar view. Organise your day based on your priorities.

  • Integrate with all your calendars icon
    Integrate with all your calendars

    No limits. Integrate your Calendar with any other calendar you use.

Integrate with all your calendars
Keep your files organised icon

Keep your files organised

To share is to live. Box stores folders in the cloud and lets you grant access to whatever you want to share

  • Teamwork makes the dream work icon
    Teamwork makes the dream work

    Create folders to manage all your company's files store them securely in the Cloud.

  • Instantly access your files icon
    Instantly access your files

    Make the most of your time by sharing files through Box, accessing yours, or any of your team’s, documents in seconds.

  • Drag & Drop icon
    Drag & Drop

    Drag any document you want to share into the Cloud, and it’s immediately visible to whoever you choose.

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