The cloud-based ERP software for SMBs

Manage your sales, finance, operations and human resources in one beautiful platform.


Reach ambitious goals with a simple ERP

Holded is a management software designed to optimize the day to day of any small or medium business.

Much more than automated invoices

Save time optimizing your invoicing

Automate processes to spend less time creating invoices and more time improving your business.

Schedule receipts and recurring invoices

Just assign a day, a time, and they will be sent automatically.

Smart Inbox: Centralizes your expenses

Inbox is where you can organize and classify all the documents you receive.

Give customers access to all their information

Through the Client Portal, your contacts will be able to double-check everything you share with them: quotes, invoices, etc.

Keep up to date with electronic invoicing

Present and monitor transactional documents between you and your supplier(s).

A way to make bookkeeping easier

Automate every aspect of your accounting

Holded updates your records instantly every time a transaction takes place.

Don't worry about taxes

Choose which tax you want to add from a complete list, and Holded will do the math for you.

Tax filing made easy*

If you have a business based in *Spain, Holded can help you by automating some tax filing.

Customized reports created in real-time

Visual and easy-to-understand, Holded's reports are always updated and at your fingertips.

Start easily

All you have to do is upload a template with your data to start using the software.

Sales and inventory, synchronized with your accounting

Control every detail of your stock

Holded monitors your inventory in real time, offering you the data you need to control your sales cycles.

Create the catalogs you need

And offer your customers an easy way to find, buy and pay for your products.

Activate online payments

Get paid faster by offering different online payment options like PayPal, Square or Stripe.

Define serial and lot numbers

Assign individual serial numbers for each product or to an entire group by creating them in batch.

Connect your store to Holded

Synchronize your store's sales with your account thanks to Holded's seamless POS software.

Manage a team and oversee your projects

Optimize the management of each of your projects

Kanban boards, Gantt charts, checklists, task cards... everything you need to stay on top of your projects.

Centralize vital documents

Organize your employees' most important documents and access them at any time.

Keep track of hours worked

Your employees can register their worked hours from the browser or through the app in a couple of clicks.

Working from home, made easy

Holded works with cloud technology, so your team members can access the information they need, whenever they need it.

Manage payroll without headaches

All the information you need to manage your payroll: base salary, bonuses, personal income tax, etc.

Close deals with CRM tools

Custom pipelines

Manage leads with a personal touch and increase your conversion rate.

Coordinate activities across calendars

Synchronize your calendars across platforms with Holded to get a complete overview of your events.

Attend all your customers from one place

Keep all of your customers' most important information organized in a single place.

Save hours of work by automating everyday tasks

Connect your favorite apps

Shopify, PayPal, Google Drive, Pleo, Square... These are just some of the applications that you can connect with Holded.

Take it to the next level with the API

Multiply the possibilities of your Holded account by integrating other applications.

Scan receipts, don't collect them

Take a photo of your receipt and let our Smart Scan record all the information for you.

Control transactions with automatic reconciliation

Save hours of work thanks to the automatic reconciliation - it only needs your okay.

Manage orders and stock from the same place

Run a tight operation by synchronizing your online information with the stock in the warehouse.

"The entire company speaks the same language thanks to Holded."

Ander Méndez

CEO de Osito & Co.


The sky is the limit with a cloud-based ERP

Learn how Holded's online management software can help you, a simple ERP for small and medium-sized businesses.

More control

Thanks to a tight bookkeeping, automations and reports that create themselves, you'll be on top of every detail.

Your data updated - all the time

With Holded you don't need to install or update anything, your information will always be available. Whenever you need it.

Take your business with you

Thanks to Holded's app, you'll literally have the power to control your business at the tips of your fingers.

Save of time and money

With the automation of daily tasks, you will have more time to spend on what really matters.

New customers

With centralized information, no detail goes unnoticed, allowing you to improve the relationship with your customer.

Get paid faster

With automatic invoicing and different online payment options, you'll get paid in the blink of an eye.

More than 80,000 companies already work with Holded

Automate 40 hours of work per month.
40 H.
Process invoices 160 times faster.
Get paid 80% faster than with manual processes.

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