Manage everything your team needs, from the hiring process and the creation of talent pools, to the creation of contracts and payroll, extraordinary benefits for your employees as well as absences for vacations and illness. All in a simple and intuitive way. Take the management of your team to the next level.

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Manage your team

Invite the members of your team, register your contracts, payroll and monitor your absences. Create teams and view your automatically generated organization chart. Access a profile of each team member with all the information you need to retain your talent, manage records, payroll status, bonuses, and more.

Manage your team

Create contracts and payroll

In the Holded calendar you can view everything from creating invoices, due dates to approving a budget or a programmed activity with a customer. You can also filter by event type to display only what you need.

Controls vacations and absences

Invite your team so they can make requests for absences, either for vacations or for illness. Accept or reject requests and visualize in a calendar who and when you are away from the office to be able to manage the best way your team vacation. In addition, your employees will be able to access your holiday schedule whenever they want, control the days they have available and the days they enjoy.

Manage vacations and absences of your team
Benefits for your team

Provide benefits to your team

Get everyone to work with you with the best benefits for your team. In Holded team you will find offers for your employees that you can offer as a complement to the salary, taking advantage of a significant discount when hiring through Holded as well as the tax benefits of payment in kind.

Manage your recruiting process

Create new selection processes, add candidates to processes and manage interviews, notes and everything you need to take to choose the best candidate. Then you can create groups of candidates for the future so you can access the talent you need when you need it.

Manage your hiring process

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