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Online accounting software for companies

Manage your entire business accounting automatically through billing and shopping entry. Complete your accounts with bank reconciliation and manual entry, plus access your updated ledgers at any time.


Automatic posts

Holded generates the seats of invoices issued and purchases entered, as well as payments and collections automatically generating 95% of your accounting automatically.

Automatic posts
Create manual posts

Manual posts

Complete your accounting or perform those more technical operations with a full but simple manual seat generator.

Analytical accounting

Classify your accounting through analysis groups that allow you to work with departments, cost centers/projects and consult a profit and loss account for each group or multiple combinations of these groups.

Profit and loss
Accounting books

Accounting books

Live online reports of your updated accounting books: Profit and loss, balance of situation and a journal.

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Holded gives you the tools to take your business to the next level.

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