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3 Effective Business Strategies to Integrate With Your Company


Starting up a business in the current digital climate may be conceptually easy, however, it only gets harder thereon and operating one successfully is usually a demanding and stressful task. When you start your own company, you are effectively stepping into the unknown and this means it can be very easy to get lost, confused, and head in the wrong direction.

Whether you are looking to grow your business, plan for new products or services, or change up your company’s priorities, it always helps to have some form of strategy or plan in place that you can use as a guide or reference point. Realizing this is simple; implementing one is not.

3 Proven Integrations and Strategies You Can Try Right Now

There are many tried and tested strategies and integrations available that you can try out. Whilst these three depend on the nature of your business and the type of industry you operate in, it is likely that you can use at least one of them in one way or another.

1. Social media integrations and implementation

Social media is very, very powerful, however, many new businesses don’t understand and appreciate this. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, among others, aren’t only there for regular people to share photos, status updates, and opinions. They are very effective money-makers for businesses of all sizes, and when you use social media properly in a way that appeals to your audience, you can get a huge return for little-to-no investment save for some time and a little money.

After all, social media platforms are free to use and all of them have powerful integrations that you can use for marketing and to spread information directly to your customers. They are by far the best and fastest way to promote your products, services, and websites. Use social media properly though or it can have the opposite effect.

2. Use eCommerce platform integrations

If you are selling physical products online, then there are a lot of options you have when it comes to setting up your online store. WordPress and WooCommerce, eBay, and Etsy are common and popular choices. In addition to this, you can also go for a fully-fledged solution such as Shopify or Prestashop that can either be used standalone or be integrated with your existing website and social media pages.

These are effective because they are simple to configure and deploy, cheap, and are trusted by millions of consumers worldwide.

3. Know what your goals are

You may be surprised by the sheer number of directors and business operators who do not think about or know what their company’s long-term goals are. If you don’t know what you want to achieve for your company, how can it grow and reach its full potential? It can’t, really.

By having a set of high-level objectives that comprehensively cover all areas of your company, you set it in good stead for success. These objectives can highlight your company’s priorities and aid the development of plans that can ensure the delivery of these goals over time. If you have not set any goals and don’t know where you are going, a good starting point is SWOT and PESTLE analysis that can help you identify strengths and weaknesses that can be identified and incorporated into your company’s SMART plans, objectives, and goals.

It’s Not Rocket Science…

Although it can be hard taking the first steps after you have incorporated your company and got to work, when you are in the right mindset, are using the right tools and services, and have identified what your goals are, you will find it a lot easier to take these steps and start building your company towards success.

Integrations alone are not enough to help you make a success of running your company, though. You need to understand that starting a business is often a long-term if not lifelong commitment and it is important to do your research before jumping in.

If you have not yet established your company and are still in the research phase, we recommend checking out the other posts on our blog. We have published lots of honest and useful information that can help.

Javi Fondevila
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