Undisputed advantages of process automation

Ash Baggott

As it becomes increasingly evident, technological advancements succumb our generation, our time, and our attention. One of those is process automation, so let’s explore exactly what it is and the undisputed advantages that go with it.

Technology doesn’t always have to resolve with an overpowering AI-robot, who gains unparalleled knowledge, changes it’s own coding, and inevitably advances further than humanity’s capabilities and comprehension, which leads to the world’s demise – although, those Hollywood films are a great watch. Actually, technology can be your company’s best chance at succeeding.

The automation of industrial processes is actually the epitome of streamlining your business process, thus creating a more sustainable, optimised business. So let’s explore the array of advantages of process automation.

What is process automation?

Let’s kick off this section with a basic understanding of what process automation is. What exactly are we talking about when we mention automation? Fundamentally, we are referring to the substitution of manual tasks and replacing them with machines which operate completely automatically.

There are many tasks that are automated now, but one that’s notable is the great industrial production process, in which four employees were previously needed in an industrial chain. These days, just one robot is needed to repeat the same process over and over again. Perfectly, may we add, leaving zero room for human error.

As mentioned above, there are many tasks that can be automated. In administration, accounting and billing for example many of the usual, tedious processes can be automated using a good ERP software. Just covering one of the many possibilities of process automation.

Benefits of industrial process automation

So if you’re already intrigued by the idea, just wait for us to cover the array of advantages of using this type of automation;

  • Non-stop repeating. Robots, unlike humans, can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if it’s what you want/need. This means that your production will never be stopped by consistent food/coffee breaks, or because it’s outside working hours.¡
  • Improvements in quality. Not only are you removing the aspect of human error, you’re also adding a level of precision and accuracy that cannot be matched by any human employee.
  • Reduced costs. Because the work is done in less time and incurs fewer errors, there’s more money to dedicate to other areas of your business.
  • Flexibility and scalability. Automated processes will always be more adaptable to your business needs and those of the market. It also offers you the possibility of scaling your business in a sensible and coherent way.
  • Changes in production? No problem. Making changes amongst employees can take days, weeks, and even months. Technology doesn’t have those kind of wait times, you just need to install an update and voila!
  • Increase motivation of employees. Most tasks that are automated are the tedious ones that no one wants to be tasked with doing. So having technology handle those, free’s up the time of your employees to handle other processes.
  • Environmentally friendly. Increasing effectiveness reduces waste and pollution, therefore, making your business more sustainable and eco-conscious.
  • Metric visibility. Depending on which process you have opted to automate (financial, billing, collections, sales and/or support), key metrics can be recorded and reported on to provide you with the key information you need.

Now you know that this technology can have so many advantages for your business, do you think you can embrace process automation? Don’t worry, robots aren’t here to destroy us just yet, first they are here to optimise us. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the first step in automating and optimising your business.

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