Why is Business Digitization So Important?

Javi Fondevila

Right now, business digitization is a hot topic, but what exactly does it mean?

In short, it is the process of converting your company into a digital form and it is something that all businesses need to do. Many businesses are now transitioning online in pursuit of the various benefits on offer, as well as to streamline the day-to-day management of their commercial operations.

Powering this shift from the physical to the digital world is an entirely new wave of technology and innovations that enable companies in all industries of all sizes to be much more efficient, strategic, and make the most of the digital world in applying tech to their projects and workflows. This trend is only going to continue as the world becomes more digitized and companies recognize the benefits associated with digitization.

5 Ways Business Digitization is Changing the World

Digitization directly contributes to constant change and development within the business world, and here are five of the main ways that business digitization is changing the world.

1. Artificial intelligence

AI and machine learning are the most exciting developments within tech right now, and they have the potential to completely redefine the way we think of, interact with and exist within the world. Whilst some people have relatively dark predictions—mostly in movies with completely unfounded ideas—in reality, AI is the opposite of this. The automatization of work and processes have already delivered measurable results for companies and it is likely to carry on doing so.

2. Flexible work and new working patterns

Digitization is giving workers the freedom to choose where, how and when to work. With all data being stored digitally either on physical devices or in the cloud, it can easily be accessed, manipulated and moved from anywhere in the world. Adjusted work schedules to suit the personal needs of employees is a growing trend, and more and more companies are beginning to utilize and rely on freelancers for more specialist short-term tasks and projects.

3. It is creating entirely new business models

Digitization has made it possible for new business models to be created and for companies to create business models that are adjusted to their own unique needs. With all the information and tools that are available online, new ideas can be applied to older strategies with new resources and technologies. This results in something completely different and unique, and in some cases, entirely unique to a single organization. This level of flexibility was not available before digitization.

4. Innovation and new ideas

Business digitization is about far more than merely transferring your data and processes to the cloud. It is about using these technologies and leveraging them to benefit your business. There are several new and innovative tools and solutions available on the market that can be applied to all aspects of the commercial world. Technological innovation and new ideas help companies develop new workflows, processes, and methods, lets them reach a wider audience and, overall, create a product or service that appeals more to their target market.

5. It improves communication

In business, and indeed in the world, efficient communication is key. Without a way to properly communicate in place, businesses would not be able to grow, develop and produce the right product. Without the right diffusion of information, conflicts, misinterpretations, and setbacks can all hinder progress. Luckily, with digitization have come many channels, tools, and methods that can be used by businesses to improve worldwide communications with employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. Skype, Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp, digital conference calls… these are all examples of tools that can be utilized by businesses for better communication.

Companies Need to Get on Board with Business Digitization…

…because those that don’t will struggle to remain competitive as the world charges into the 21st century and take advantage of all the opportunities that exist thanks to the digital world.

Digitization makes it possible for companies around the world to develop and create new opportunities that were once inaccessible. Business leaders should take advantage of the many possibilities that digitization provides us, especially when it comes to developing their own companies and promoting long-term growth. Failure to do this won’t hurt you yet, but it will one day.

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