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Project Management Software That Gives You Full Control

Take control of your projects in real time and maximise their profitability. Assign responsibilities to every relevant team member to clearly see a cost analysis of time spent on each project.

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Connect with your whole team
Together as One

Connect with your whole team

Increase organisational efficiency when you connect your team to your projects. Group employees into project-specific teams for crystal-clear communication.

Connect with your whole team
Connect with your whole team
Connect with your whole team
Always on the ball icon
Always on the ball

Create lists and tasks

Simple, intuitive and effective. Create lists and assign tasks to each team member for greater control of you project timelines.

Check the status of your projects. Detailed project monitoring lets you see the progress and completion times of tasks.

Create lists and tasks
  • Lists icon

    Create as many lists as you want to efficiently organize your team.

  • Tasks icon

    Create tasks in different lists and assign them to each member of your team.

  • Due dates icon
    Due dates

    Control the start and end date of each task and organize the work in a proper way.

  • Tags icon

    Sort the tasks with tags and locate what you need in seconds.

Create lists and tasks
Different Strokes icon
Different Strokes for different folks

Multiple Project views

  • Kanban board icon
    Kanban board

    View all your key project information with this gorgeous workflow visualisation tool. The simple yet direct presentation gives you an overview of project status, progress and issues at a glance.

  • Lists icon

    An old favourite. Now supercharged by Holded to give you an in-depth analysis of project timelines, budgets, sales, expenses, profit margins and more.

  • Gantt Chart icon
    Gantt Chart

    The best way to see how much time is devoted to each task. Set & update deadlines within your project by tracking the progress of each task with this clear overview.

Multiple Project views
Multiple Project views
Keep track of time spent on tasks
Time flies icon
Time flies when you're having fun

Keep track of time spent on tasks and projects

Control the time you and your team devote to each project, and maximise your efficiency. Increase the productivity of every team member using a detailed analysis of time spent per project and task to update your resource allocations.

Keep track of time spent on tasks
  • Time Management icon
    Time Management

    Delegate tasks and assign due-dates to your teams to optimise time management.

  • Project Monitoring icon
    Project Monitoring

    Up-to-date task and project information lets you see the status of your projects in real time.

  • Time Is Money icon
    Time Is Money

    Get more out of the time you spend on projects. Success starts with a clear plan, and the best place to start is with Projects from Holded.

Adapt. Overcome. icon
Adapt. Overcome.

Project Profitability

Check the profitability of each project in real time and take financial control of your projects. View the initial budget, final billing, personal costs and associated expenses as they are changed or updated throughout the project.

Don't wait until the project’s over to check the balance sheet— stay ahead of the game by constantly adapting.

Project Profitability
Project Profitability
Project Profitability
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Holded Academy
Holded Academy

Holded Academy has over 1,000 articles that cover every aspect of our software, so the answers to your questions are just a click away.

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Constantly Innovating

We want to give you the business management tools of tomorrow, today. Our developers are continually updating and improving the software to keep you one step ahead of your competition. The future always looks bright with Holded.

A Global Product

More than 20.000 companies around the globe are using Holded every day to manage their businesses. Get access to all your information from anywhere, anytime and any device, because your business is everywhere, Holded goes with you.

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