Manage your business projects in detail. Create tasks and assign them to the members of your team. Track the cost of the time of your team dedicated to each project, allocates expenses and sales and obtain the profitability of each project at a glance.

Online project management

Manage as many projects as you want

View all your projects at a glance. It does not matter if you work with a project or with hundreds of them, with Holded you can manage them all as if they were the only one.

Manage multiple projects

Manage the tasks of each project

Create the necessary tasks for each project. Assign each task to a member of your team and monitor the evolution of individual and collective work to see what status each project is in.

Track the time of each project

Assign the hours that your team dedicates to each project, indicates to what task it is and the number of hours dedicated, with the cost per hour, to allocate the expense that is personally involved in the development of each task and each project.

Time tracker
Track sales and expenses of each project

Track expenses, budgets and invoices

Create project budgets, issue invoices and post associated expenses from the accounting department or directly from the project, as you prefer.

Track profitability of each project

Quickly visualize the profitability of your projects, or each project separately. It controls the initial budget and the final billing, the cost of the personnel and the associated expenses and it invests in those projects more profitable.

Track profitability of each project

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