Using AI to Increase Online Sales

Javi Fondevila

You may already know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can drive cars, but did you also know that it can drive your online sales, too? Using complex computer algorithms, AI can be used and deployed to simulate human intelligence and help improve your company’s customer relationship management (CRM.) By doing this, it can help expand your bottom line.

There are plenty of examples of companies across all industries that are currently utilizing AI to save time and money, and also to remain competitive in today’s saturated commercial markets. By automating certain work tasks, handling customer service, and a few other key things, AI can increase your company’s selling hours.

Using AI to Boost Your Online Sales

Boosting your online sales with AI isn’t as complex as it sounds—there are plenty of ways it can help, and there is no shortage of AI solutions and tools available on the market, either.

1. AI can help qualify leads with more accuracy

AI and technology have made it easier than ever to connect with people on both a personal and commercial level. Because of this, there are more companies and professionals using social channels to bring in customers and clients. Naturally, this leads to an increase in online sales.

Sites where customers and clients can be found—we’re talking Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites—have millions upon millions, if not billions, of users; finding the right people can, therefore, be difficult.

Luckily, AI can be used to gather valuable data on leads within your industry. One example of this is Microsoft’s very own Azure Machine Learning platform and another is Google’s Cloud Prediction API.

Not only can AI help you target the right people to boost your online sales, but it can also help you sift through the reams and reams of data that gets collected.

2. AI can use predictive analysis to improve pitches and marketing

When customers are shopping online, it is often the case that they get recommendations on related products when they add an item to their basket. These customers never really knew or thought about the fact that they needed these products but, before they realize it, they have added them to their cart and bought them.

AI plays a huge role here.

By tracking your customers’ online habits, purchases, and other key data signals, it can predict what additional products your customer may be interested in before suggesting them.

3. AI can make you more productive

It’s not all about the customer—increasing your online sales also rests with you and your team.

AI is an “employee” that works 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, even during the hours when your human employees are sleeping. When AI is working, it is helping your teams remain productive by carrying out “grunt work” such as lead generation and answering low-level customer support queries (e.g. chatbots) through your social media pages.

Considering how competitive the general commercial market is, having an “employee” that works 24/7 is a huge competitive advantage.

4. AI can handle all your boring admin work

A sales representative is only productive and useful when they are actually working on the sales side of things. Unfortunately, sales work also involves a lot of admin work—this detracts from your sales team members and it means they have less time to sell your products.

Think about it, where are your sales staff better used—inputting data into your CRM software or chasing up leads and securing sales?

It really is a no-brainer.

Now is the Time to Open Up to AI

AI has endless utility for businesses of all type, shape, and size, especially businesses that sell services or physical products. Boosting your online sales is something you need to do to remain competitive and, luckily, it is also something AI can help you with.

All your competitors are doing it—so should you.

AI is set to completely change the way our world works. Companies and organizations that fail to adapt to and implement AI will find themselves quickly going out of business as AI continues to develop, get smarter, and become more valuable overall.

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