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With Holded CRM you can manage your retail opportunities, through multiple sales funnels that you can customize with the stages of each sales process.

Dashboard CRM Holded

Custom funnels

Every business has its own sales funnel, so in Holded you can create as many states as you want and change the order any time you want. Create a stage for each moment of your sales process, so you can know at a glance where your potential sales are and analyze when they are won or lost.

Sales funnel

Manage your leads

Create leads in a funnel, relates the contact or creates a new one, assigns a potential value and determines at what stage of the funnel the opportunity is found. Once created you can put notes, create events with alerts, attach files and do everything you need to have all the details of the process of selling every opportunity.

Statistics summary at a glance

In Holded CRM you have a main dashboard where you can see what happens in your sales department at a glance. It controls the opportunities generated, won and lost, both in number and amount, all with a nice and intuitive design.

Leads statistics

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