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Ash Baggott

NØMAD COFFEE; a dynamic coffee company has taken Barcelona by storm in the last few years, not only do they roast, serve, and distribute their coffee, they also educate and train the ambitious baristas of the vibrant city. Now, Holded becomes a pivotal part of making NØMAD COFFEE a successful, thriving business.

NØMAD’s main goal is to turn your mouth into a coffee wonderland by providing the best taste from across the roasting world, but how can Holded’s ERP system really help this business? We spoke with Jordi Mestre, creator of NØMAD COFFEE to find out how he uses this system to optimise his administrative tasks.

How NØMAD became Barcelona-based

“In London I had a job that seemed like the best job in the world, tasting and roasting coffee. I wanted to do the same thing but in my house,” says Mestre, “I worked in a coffee roaster and on weekends I organised my coffee stand in markets. From here, came the name of NØMAD COFFEE.” It was that exact nomad way of thinking that focused on travelling that helped make the leap from the UK to Barcelona. Although, when they took the leap across Europe, they encountered some struggles, Jordi added, “it was difficult to roast, handle the commercial work, then go to premises and sell our coffee, hence the idea of setting up the Coffee Lab, which we now call the showroom.”

Mestre highlighted the following; take the potential client to your land, to your home, to a privileged place where you can convince them to stop being potential and become a client. This was an important moment which transformed this company and propelled them to having the following three spaces in Barcelona; Lab & Shop, Roaster’s Home, and Every Day.

So what is the secret of success for NØMAD? “I don’t know what the key to success is. But if NØMAD works and goes well, it’s thanks to the people who work here” says Jordi, he concludes with some words of wisdom “Working together and doing what you like, things work.”

NØMAD COFFEE chooses Holded

“As NØMAD began to grow, a little organisation was needed,” explains Mestre. “A colleague recommended me an ERP and we were using it for a while, but it was very simple … Then we discovered Holded.”

Holded’s software helped the company in what is usually the greatest weakness for entrepreneurs; organising all of the aspects of a business and administrative tasks. The market-leading software provides endless possibilities to evolve any business covering, accounting, human resources, inventory, billing, and projects to name a few.

Jordi highlights one aspect that he found very useful “All our coffee’s are seasonal, and every two to three months we have new additions. Which comes with new products, stock control, and remaining stocks … fortunately, we keep everything up-to-date thanks to Holded

This provides just one example, as Mestre comments, he has already recommended the online software solution to his brother [owner of a company outside of the coffee market], a good ERP is scalable and adaptable to many companies, across an array of sectors. And as Jordi also states, the usability is something that helps him sleep at night “I see it clearly, I understand it, it really has made my life easy and helps me sleep at night”.

See the full interview below and hear the comments straight from the young entrepreneur. Also, check out Holded’s ERP system and find out how it can help your business.

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