Automations. How to save time and dedicate your efforts to what’s important

Ash Baggott

A decade ago it would have been unfathomable that automation – programming machines and software to operate automatically based on a set of inputs and conditions – would play a major role in everyday business functions. Today, everything from employee onboarding to marketing campaigns can be entirely automated, saving you time, and reducing the need for human supervision and monitoring.

Basically, what I’m saying is that there are A LOT of tasks in our working days that are just boring af. Whether it be filtering hundreds of emails to coordinating meetings, it’s safe to say that robots are almost as smart as humans and can do it for you.

Is automation high on your to-change list?

Are you looking to;

  • Free up valuable time and resources
  • Focus on bigger, better projects

If so, here are some areas of your business where you can remove the mundane tasks and automate today;


  • There’s no need for you to be involved with the complete ins and outs of your marketing campaigns. You can utilise your analytics and automate the process of appealing to your customers.

Data reports

  • Reports, kill time. Puling data from a lot of different sources, kills time. Automate your reports from every marketing channel and increase productivity of your meetings. Spend more time making numbers, not reporting on them.

Employee onboarding

  • Before HR automation, paperwork was a disaster, right? Now, an interviewee can fill their details out on an iPad, once the person is hired you can automatically send them all the paperwork needed (contracts, agreements, manuals, legal documents) via email. The new hire can even accept the job offer and sign electronically.

Your inbox

  • We all use emails and as such we should all use email rules to help prioritise our time. Spending just twenty minutes thinking through how to prioritise your incoming emails will significantly change your working day. Receiving an email from a known time-waster? Send them automatically to a ‘check monthly’ folder. How about a key client? Make sure they appear in ‘urgent’. Automating this process will help you take back control of your inbox.

Customer orders

  • Integrate your processing system with your customers. Customers will value the increased efficiency as well as loyalty because as soon as an order is created it will appear in your system. Also, it will reduce any human errors and will allow you to get your orders out faster!

Daily task scheduling

  • Time-blocking your tasks to ensure you have enough time to get key project work done is essential. Automate the tasks you’re going to work on this day or week, so that when you tag them, they appear in your calendar.

A strategic and well-considered plan for automation can help you free up time, enabling you to focus on bigger projects. With Holded you can integrate your favorite apps such as; Amazon, Shopify, PayPal, Zapier, and Dropbox, into one platform. Find out how you can automate your business today.

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