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Explore all the features that Holded POS offers for your business.

An overview

Management and sales in one place

A single tool to connect all aspects of your business.

Automatic creation of accounting entries

Holded automatically creates accounting entries linked to POS sales and refunds.

Product organisation by categories and variants

With POS + Inventory you can also categorize products by type, season, promotions and more.

Sales reports

Detailed sales analytics by product, by employee and store.

Easy sales

On-the-spot product creation

Add unregistered products to your cart during a sale.

Pause and recovery of sales

Pause an ongoing sale and end it at a later time.

Selling wherever you are

Take your tablet to any event and sell as if you were in a store.

Quick POS setup from Holded platform

Custom ticket design

Customise the design of your receipts and gift vouchers to match your brand image.

Rates creation

Set product prices according to your categories and needs.

Configuration of predefined discounts

You can turn the discount on and off at any time, perfect for campaigns, sales, etc.

Employee management

Staff roles and permissions

Create permissions to control your team's access to different features in Holded.

Unique PIN codes

Allow your staff to create codes to log into Holded POS and have each sale registered to the right person.

Sales per employee

Make a sales report sorted according to the person who made the sales.

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Closing of the cash register

Automatic integration with your accounting

Holded records entries in the accounting and treasury accounts set up to avoid mismatches.

Sales history

View your sales by date and category, with a maximum time range of 12 months.

Cash balance

In order to avoid an accounting mismatch, a journal entry will be created to record the difference.

Supported hardware

Barcode scanner with the camera

Scan product barcodes with your tablet's camera.

Handheld Barcode Scanner

Choose your preferred barcode scanning method with Holded POS compatible devices.

Integration with several tablet and printer models

Compatible with Android and iOS tablets and printers via WiFi or Bluetooth.

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