Why Do Millionaires Wear the Same Clothes Each Day

Javi Fondevila

Known as the “capsule wardrobe movement” has been elevated by a few famous figures who seemingly wear exactly the same thing every single day. From Mark Zuckerberg to Steve Jobs, the world is all too familiar with this fashion movement which hasn’t exactly caught on.

Although it is far from being mainstream, the capsule wardrobe movement continues to strike up debate and discussion across the internet. After all, why would somebody actively choose to wear the same outfit each day, with zero variation? It goes right against our culture’s obsession with changing fashion trends, and there are many people willing to criticise it.

Why is it though that successful people are the face of the capsule wardrobe? If you have ever wondered why some of the world’s most successful businesspeople chose to wear the same outfit all of the time, here are a few reasons we think hit the nail on the head.

1. A Capsule Wardrobe Requires Less Decision Making

Decision fatigue is a phenomenon which refers to the reduction in decision making capacity of an individual after they have already had to make other decisions. For businesspeople who make multiple high-profile decisions each day, the removal of even the simplest of decisions – deciding what to wear – leaves them with more mental capacity and higher productive potential. We’re serious.

2. It Saves Time

The less time you have to spend umming and aahing about what to wear, the more time you have to spend on things which are more important. As humans, we don’t appreciate how much of a burden our many items of clothing and possessions are on our lives until they are removed from the equation.

3. It is Less Stressful

By having a go-to outfit which you wear each day, you will never find yourself stressing about the clothing decision you made that morning. Gone are the days of wondering whether what you are wearing is too formal or too boisterous; it is just right, because you wear it each day. One less source of anxiety is one less thing to cause you undue stress.

4. It Conserves Energy

It is a waste of valuable energy to spend time each day on deciding what to wear. Instead, having a go-to outfit which is ready and waiting helps conserve this energy which can then be put to better use. Large wardrobes don’t just require energy from decision-making, though, they require organisation and regular maintenance to keep them tidy and pristine.

5. It is Iconic

Although this is only really something which somebody notable and in the public eye would think about, it is still worth mentioning. Everybody knows the outfits of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg because they are iconic and memorable. Wearing the same outfit each day helps establish your status and get your name out there and, as one celebrity quite succinctly put it, it is a cheap and simple way to feel famous.

6. It Saves Money

Wardrobes and closets packed to the brim with clothes cost a lot of money. Although the rich and famous don’t typically have to worry about how much they spend on clothes (or anything else for that matter), they do tend to be more frugal. It’s quite a strange phenomenon, really.

Having a capsule wardrobe which only has one or two go-to outfits removes a lot of expense associated with buying clothes, trying them and not liking them, or buying them only to wear them once before leaving them in the wardrobe for good.

Even though we may never truly know why some of the world’s most successful figures opt to wear the same outfit day in, day out, year after year, it sure is fun to speculate.

The “capsule wardrobe” as it is known does have a lot of benefits associated with it when it comes to saving time, energy and money and, given that successful businesspeople tend to not have enough time on their hands as it is, this is likely why they choose to wear the same clothes constantly.

The time and energy saved may seem marginal to us, but to somebody running a multi-million or billion dollar corporation, that time will be worth a lot.

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