Why choose a Cloud ERP and how can it help your business? – Part 2/2

Harald Meyer-Delius

In part one of this article, we explored that having more budget for other, larger projects is one of the main reasons many business choose a cloud ERP solution. When you choose a cloud ERP solution, you are no longer responsible for buying or maintaining the servers the system runs on. Thus, your ERP becomes an operating expense rather than a capital one. We also highlighted that tools requiring large budgets and IT expertise become more accessible. Technologies such as AI, machine learning and ITO are a part of your system, and your company can become more mobile and collaborative with flexible working.

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In the article below, we are going to explore more reasons why your business should choose a cloud ERP and how it will help reduce IT headaches and assist your company in becoming more agile.

Be agile. You don’t have to choose.

Is your business seasonal? Do you do most of your yearly sales in one quarter? Do you only have a set amount of computing resources available to you? Well, with a traditional ERP, you have two options;

  1. You overbuy to meet the needs of your busy season
  2. You only buy what you need for the other 75% of the year, leaving you to struggle through your busy season with a sluggish system

Well, good news. With a cloud ERP … You don’t have to choose!

You can scale the system up or down as your needs change without having to invest in additional hardware. This makes the process faster and more economical than having to purchase new hardware just to meet your seasonal demand.

Reduce IT headaches and be more productive

When using a traditional ERP system, you rely on your IT team or a consultant to support you when an issue arises. This may be a great set-up if you have knowledgeable employees or great external support, however, major issues may arise such as, power outages or hardware problems. If any problems occur with an on-site system, it’s imperative that you have the skills and resources to address and fix the problem as it could halt productivity completely. If you have to wait for a consultant to help you, you may be having challenges due to their busy schedules.

A cloud ERP takes most of these responsibilities away from your business. As mentioned in the previous article, your supplier is responsible for hardware and software maintenance. ERP cloud provider Holded, understand that an uninterrupted access to its solution is one of most important factors to its clients and have such invested in state-of-the-art hardware to ensure the best user experience. Obviously, no one can predict what Mother Nature will do and there still may be downtime from time to time. But when things like that happen, the team at Holded will be there to help you get your system back up and running again.

Still have questions about whether a cloud ERP solution is the best move for your business? Speak to the Holded team today. With a young team wanting to create the best software in the world, it’s no surprise that over 20,000 companies are using Holded. Try it now for free.

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