Tips for using customer feedback to your advantage

Ash Baggott

Customer feedback is essentially how you know what customers think of your product and your services. As a business, you most likely strive to deliver the best services and products you can offer, after all, great products and services equals happy clients, which equals a more successful business. Intentions aside, how do you really know that you’re achieving your goal? 

Customer feedback is one of the most efficient ways of improving your business, it’s both an exciting and terrifying aspect of your business because it’s important to learn what people think, but it may not always be positive. However, negative feedback is just as useful as positive feedback because you can use both to your advantage.

Larger companies with more resources usually hire external companies to run their market research and adjust their products, services etc. based on the results. Smaller companies however, don’t tend to have this luxury and as such, consider customer feedback as a difficult, time-consuming and expensive task, and simply avoid it. 

However, if you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, you must start listening to your customers. It will help you grow, innovate and attract more clients, you can use this feedback to your advantage and we’re going to take a look at how.

Update your products and services

As it’s your customers using your products day in day out, it’s easy to understand which ones work and which ones fall behind on customer satisfaction rankings. Customer feedback will help you identify which products you should keep, improve, update or bin. Using positive reviews on your landing/product pages is a great way to push more people to choose your product over your competitors.

Client relationship touch-points

Customer feedback is a fantastic way of contacting your clients without actively selling to them, when contacting your customers about their opinion, they will feel appreciated and important – after all, it’s human nature to like to talk about your opinions – and subsequently, it will increase their loyalty to you. When you’ve actioned the feedback you received, make sure you re-engage with your clients to thank them for their input and let them know what you changed, it’s what they wanted!

It’s time to innovate

Looking at the feedback, you will often find that it can inspire you to offer something new. Most of the time, new products and services are influenced by what customers requested or complained about. Listen to your clients and you could have the next big product in your hands.

Social success

No matter how your business decides to collect customer feedback, you’ll probably receive some fantastic results. The positive things your customers highlight are what makes them happy, you should take advantage of these testimonials, include them on your landing page and make sure you have a page dedicated to them.

Alongside this, have your marketing department spread the word via social media, having a positivity-filled social account will help new potential clients trust your company and it will make a great first-impression.

Customer feedback is very useful because it’s your customers’ direct opinion and it can be used to drive you forward, there are multiple ways to conduct your research;

  • Email
  • Online Survey
  • Phone Calls
  • Social Media

Whatever approach you take, make sure you take the first step and collect as much feedback as possible. Having a great CRM system to record all of your data is essential, Holded’s CRM insights let’s you keep track of your clients in a simple yet powerful system.

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