China has a middle class that has around 300 million people in it, and it is constantly growing. Naturally, therefore, e-commerce in China is also growing, and now is a better time than ever to break into the Chinese e-commerce market.

As you may be aware, however, China is a lot different from the Western world. Their customs, culture, and traditions have a direct impact on everything, including the products they buy.

Targeting the Chinese e-commerce market is one thing; doing it right is another.

Despite this, there exists plenty of opportunities for selling your products in the Chinese e-commerce market. Some products are more in demand and will sell better than others. It is knowing what products to sell that means the difference between success and failure.

The Chinese E-Commerce Market: What Do Chinese Customers Want?

It’s not about selling a particular brand, design, or style of product, it’s about selling the right type of product. Right now, in China, there are several types of product that are selling well. Here are a few of them:

1. Clothing

Fashion is huge in China and the Chinese e-commerce market reflects this; there are thousands of different fashion vendors all vying for the attention of Chinese clientele. Fashion is popular in China because Chinese consumers particularly like the style, quality, and look they can get from U.S. brands and Chinese brands often don’t come close to matching this.

Chinese consumers also take a liking to brands such as Supreme because of its value and the fact that it’s difficult to source.

2. Shoes

Although this technically falls under fashion, we think it warrants its own section.

Shoes are very popular imports in China and make up a huge part of the Chinese e-commerce market. Especially popular are collectible sneakers and boots that cannot easily be found on the market in the West, never mind in China. Yeezys are a typical example of this.

3. Makeup and Skincare

Skincare products such as sunscreen and moisturizers are very popular in the Chines e-commerce market, especially those that are ethical or made with natural ingredients. If your brand ticks these boxes, then it could do very well.

As well as skincare, makeup brands are vastly popular. Chinese consumers love their makeup and it is a popular category among Chinese consumers.

4. Vitamins and Supplements

As the Chinese middle classes begin to pay more attention to their health, they are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of vitamins. In addition to this, the craze surrounding supplements that have swept the West has also made its way to China.

Health products like vitamins and supplements are becoming more popular throughout the country on platforms such as Tmall. Everything from simple Omega 3 oil tablets to more complex fitness supplements are being lapped up by Chinese consumers as they take the Chinese e-commerce market by storm.

5. Packaged Healthy Foods

On top of vitamins and supplements, Chinese consumers are starting to buy more packaged healthy foods. These are a little bit easier than fresh produce and seafood to ship due to the long shelf life, and there are fewer import restrictions on them.

Packaged food items that include the likes of whole grains and dried fruit are very popular right now. In addition to this, “trendy” snacks such as kale chips and superfood items are almost guaranteed to sell.

6. Baby Accessories, Maternity Wear, and Breastfeeding Products

New Chinese mothers want to make sure they have the very best products possible when it comes to their babies. Companies that sell products such as maternity wear, baby accessories, and breastfeeding products are experiencing unprecedented success right now in selling to the Chinese market.

Although clothing, in general, is popular in China—as we have already seen—maternity wear is especially popular due to the growing number of new-born babies in China.

Accessories such as bottles, play sets, rattles, and toys also appeal to new families and family-orientated Chinese consumers. Often, these people are willing to pay a lot of money to get the best products for their kids.

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