Key Benefits of Treasury Integration

Javi Fondevila

Making good treasury management decisions is an important part of managing a business, especially when you are new to the game. The key to good treasury management is not just about being aware of how a business operates and what risks it faces, but having good treasury management tools and software by your side, too.

Using technology to automate and standardize your company’s treasury is a key part of managing your cash flow and risk more effectively, have more time to react to problems and act strategically, and create overall value. With a good treasury, your company can do all this and then some.

To benefit from a goodtreasury, though, treasurers, or anyone tasked with treasury management within your company, need to know your industry, business cycle, cash flow, and the risks your company faces.

Treasury management software allows this to be done through the capture of key data and information.

Other Benefits of Treasury Management Software

There are many benefits associated with using good treasury management tools and software, however, these are the most important.

1. Cost reduction

When there’s a single central system in place that has complete and up-to-date information about your company’s finances, you can immediately see any and all costs that hit your company. Also, you are able to manage multiple different financial accounts from this central system and this simplifies the transfer of funds, for example when settling bills and invoices.

2. Cut down on mistakes

Errors and mistakes, particularly when they involve your company’s finances, can be detrimental and a huge drain on resources. This is a very big problem that treasury management tools can help avoid. Digitization of the commercial treasury process helps eliminate the need for guesswork within your team to reduce the chance of human errors materializing into lost capital.

3. Audit automation

With treasury management tools, digital audits can automatically be generated and executed, and these can be used for many different things from daily processes to long-term decision making. Each time your company processes a transaction, your treasury management system generates useful and actionable data that can be used for a whole range of different things.

With useful data to act on that is current and complete, you are able to paint a clearer picture which aids decision-making as you can see exactly where your company’s finances are going, and why.

4. Meet compliance standards

With a treasury management system in place, you are able to standardize certain processes and systems which helps you meet compliance standards, for example, SWIFT and SEPA, in certain situations.

Not only does your company become more compliant, though, it also becomes a lot easier for you to bring new staff on board and train them up with a single system which is robust and designed to meet the financial challenges met by modern businesses. When your staff have been trained with good treasury management tools in place, they are in a better position to help meet your company’s goals, too.

5. Create time efficiencies

Using treasury management systems helps to streamline your financial processes, e.g. payment collection, and this minimizes the amounts of time that are spent on initiation and authorization. Not only does this satisfy the customer whose payments go through quicker, it means your company has a faster flow of cash coming in and isn’t kept around waiting for slow authorizations to complete.

Finally, the ability to automate, pre-authorize, and schedule ongoing payments from a central system means you no longer have to wait around a laptop or computer for them to take place. This further adds to your organization’s overall efficiencies.

Your Business Needs a Good Treasury

As we have covered, there are several benefits associated with using treasury management tools—they provide a convenient, centralized system from where you can manage your company’s finances.

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