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Ash Baggott

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants” – Coco Chanel. Recently, we had the pleasure to speak with PDPAOLA, female jewellery company to see how Holded assisted them in creating accessories for the empowered woman.

PDPAOLA was founded in 2014, by Humbert and Paola and we asked business owner, Humbert Sasplugas how Holded’s management software for growing enterprises helped his jewellery business, “You do not have to be neither a computer nor an accountant or a financial person to know that it is a tool that will solve your problems”.

Much like the rest of the business world, the jewellery sector is no different. The ever-changing world we live in lends itself to jewellery, by the means of how the new generational waves are perceiving this type of accessory. The empowerment of women within the 21st century has been a long-time coming, and PDPaolo wanted to capture and encompass this movement within their elegant designs. And they do so, eloquently.

Female empowerment is written into the very values of Humbert and Paola’s business, and is truly expressed through their love of jewellery. And just in case you were thinking that empowerment is a broad concept to grasp, they redefine their vision into three basic core values that are used to create their elegant pieces; trust, strength, and courage.

After five years in the market, the team running this young company is proving that designing, creating, and wearing other jewellery is possible. At PDPAOLA HQ, passion, self-demand, and nonconformity go into each and every day, and this is their secret to success.

“I think that passion is the secret ingredient that drives hard work and excellence” – Kelly Ayotte.

The vision

This company’s secret to success is a driven day-to-day attitude, which is complemented by knowing how to detect your needs very soon and meet them properly. Within two years of running the business, Humbert had already detected that need “We needed a tool that would help us manage our day to day, and optimise a series of processes, both at the accounting level and at the level of stock management”.

However, as Humbert continues “we saw that the tools that were available at that time in the market did not give us the agility that we required because of the type of operation we had.”

Then came along, Holded’s business management software, “Holded gave us that flexibility we were looking for.” great timing. Plus, Humbert adds what is the most convenient tool for a jewelry company to utilise, “The part of connectivity it has with their tools, specifically e-commerce, such as Shopify and PrestaShop”.

If Holded can help companies like PDPAOLA, it comes from the adaptability of the product, and its capacity to offer a different set of solutions based on the unique needs of each company. Finally, Humbert highlights “Holded provides you with the tools so you can adapt the tool to your business and not vice versa.”

“Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” – Oprah Winfrey.

To learn more about PDPAOLA’s success story, you can see the full interview in the video below.

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