5 ideas of infoproducts to earn money

Ash Baggott

Did you know? Infoproducts have in fact become one of the most powerful markets over the last few years. In this article we are going to take a look at how and why infoproducts have become so popular.

Digital products have done nothing but blossom in recent years, and you would have noticed it as a consumer for sure, but why not take advantage of it and try your hand at making money from it. Finding the best product that is going to make you money is a hard task, but riding the wave of infoproducts just might be the key you’v been looking for to open your treasure chest.

Infoproducts or digital products? And what are they?

Gotcha! No matter how you decide to name them, they are in fact the exact same thing. But what exactly are they? Essentially they are training products that offer an array of information and it’s distributed online.

In more basic terms, infoproducts refer to eBooks, online courses, whitepapers, and any other digital product that is aimed to educate or help a buyer, and they are usually created / provided from the experience of a professional.

But what on earth can you do, that would make it a great business product to introduce? Let’s explore three main benefits of doing just that;

  • Zero or no distribution costs. Digital products are just that, digital, they are not physical and, therefore, distributing them online is much cheaper than sending them by mail or having to distribute them to a physical classroom space. The only distribution cost you may face is the software you use to create the product. Like the sound of that, right?
  • Creation is relatively simple. Online courses can consist of six to ten short videos, while an eBook can have just 60 pages to it. These are not large products that will take endless time and resources, they are instead small documents in which a professional can translate their knowledge to others in an easy and efficient way. 
  • Passive income. Once your infoproduct is created, you can continue to distribute it and sell it, forever, no need for any updates. This obviously depends on what you produce, and making sure it remains on a sales platform. Unless you have chosen a topic that involves continuous reviews, digital products are a passive income.

What infoproducts are popular?

I like your thinking. You want to know what exactly will give you the biggest return on investment. So you’ll want to know which are the most popular infoproducts on the internet at the moment. Well, let’s take a look at five best sellers;

  • Ebooks. This industry has been threatening the paper industry for years, and slowly but surely it’s getting there. Even more so in the case of digital products which offers the consumer versatility to view the product as and when they want.
  • Online courses. The big question is do you prefer a product that is heavy that you need to carry around or would you prefer the simplicity of an online course that is much lighter, can be taken from anywhere, and includes an enriching interactivity for the learning experience?
  • Audios. It has to be highlighted that the audio-book market is experiencing an up-rise, as fiction books, essays, and online courses are all apart of this area. Also, why take the time to read when you can have it explained through your AirPods?
  • Electronic journals. Consumers these days care a lot about convenience, so having your favourite magazine or newspaper on your favourite device is something that a lot of people would prefer to have rather than skipping down to the local shop.
  • Webinars. Consumers are paying more and more to attend online virtual workshops and presentations, and as such there is an increasing market for this type of infographic. It enables a lot of professionals to attend whilst they are also at work, providing comfort and convenience.

So, are you going to take the leap into infoproducts? If so, consider Holded’s online billing software to help you keep track of the influx of income.

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