Infodoco is a company based in Vigo, Spain, specialized in IT infrastructure and security.

The vocation and passion for the IT industry were the driving force behind Infodoco, funded by Juan Carlos Domínguez in the coastal city of Vigo, Spain.


“I wanted to create my own company to fulfill my own vision, to grow personally and professionally, and for my own work to be my livelihood.”


“To those who start or are considering starting a new business, especially during these difficult times, I would recommend to be sure and confident about their business idea, and to look into in depth, to know all the possible limitations (which they will have), and how they can address them.” Also, Juan Carlos knows well that, to be successful, you must have a distinctive value. “The more specialized you are within your field, the easier it will be for you to find added value in order to stand out from your competitors.”


Juan Carlos is confident that SMEs are the most important economic engine of any country. “They are the reason for the flow of capital in society, especially in the service industry, since they work at all levels until they reach the end customer.”


“The greatest asset is your team, which is why you must take care of it so that it is always the best it can be.”


“One of my biggest problems has been high rotation due to the lack of commitment of members of my work team. Volatility among workers in terms of commitment to the company. The solution was to reduce the work team and work on their confidence and value. The team should grow, but walking on solid ground.”


“Another big challenge I face is that, in this industry, most clients have had too many negative experiences, so we have to work hard to change their mindset. This brings me back to the robustness of the team, which is critical to make this work.”


“I chose Holded because they are constantly evolving, always upgrading.”


“I discovered Holded thanks to a referral. I consider that, at this moment, there are many solutions that can cover the same needs as Holded does. However, although similar to others, I stayed for the specifics, which eventually is what matters. I love the live chat support they provide, as it allows us to carry on with other tasks while fixing the problem or resolving a doubt. We often don’t have time to have a technical conversation that we don’t know when it’s going to end. I also like the fact that Holded is always working and constantly providing new updates.”


“Holded helps me especially in accounting, where they are very advanced and allow me to save a lot of time.”


“There can be no doubt that Holded makes it possible to manage a company in different areas in a completely professional way.”

«You must work hard to make your company unique».

Juan Carlos Domínguez Costas

General Manager at Infodoco

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