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Save time and get paid faster with software in the cloud that automates your invoicing from A to Z.

Save time by automating your invoicing process

Reduce the time you spend on invoices and use it to improve your business.

They almost create themselves

Holded uses your stored information to fill in fields automatically. That way, you can create invoices, quotes, and proformas in seconds.

An alternative to Excel

Holded is more intuitive, and you don’t need to install anything. Also, you can import all your invoices to Holded using an Excel template.

Make an impression

Empower your corporate image thanks to more than 40 editable templates to personalize your company documents.

Your contacts one click away

Every contact you create will have its own space where you can save all the information you need to create a personalized invoice.

Holded calculates taxes for you

Choose the taxes you need from our extensive list and Holded will do the math.

Holded lets you see at a glance what you have and where. And if it moves, what revenue it will generate.

Ander Méndez

Osito & Co. CEO

Get paid faster

We're not reiventing the wheel - just optimizing it.

Your clients closer than ever

Review any document (invoices, quotes) and get paid directly without the need for calls through the ‘Client Portal’.

Traceability at all levels

Your reports are made automatically with every action you take, so you can study your progress at every stage.

Create and collect remittances

Simply select all the invoices you want to collect and convert them into an XML file that you can upload to your bank’s platform.

Reconcile transactions automatically

Holded automatically aligns your bank transactions with invoices that match the amount – ‘Click’ and the reconciliation will be done.

Smart emails beyond automation

Use Dynamic Words to automate the contents of your emails, schedule when they’re going to be sent and keep track of the open rate.

Work from wherever and whenever you want. Your software always up to date.

Enjoy online invoicing software that does not require downloads or installations. You just have to log in.

Don't know which plan to choose?

Our free 14-day trial period allows you to try every feature. You won't need a credit card.


When every aspect of your business is connected, invoicing gets easier.

Connect your accounting

Connect your inventory

Connect your CRM

Connect your projects

Connect your HR

And much more…

It’s impossible to fit everything that Holded Invoicing can do on a single page. Here are some of the things we left out:


Prepare quotes and send them through the Client Portal to be approved.


Speed up your transactions by creating receipts automatically.

Proforma invoices

Create proforma invoices before sending out your final invoice.

OCR scanner

Send your purchases and expenses to Holded's mailbox and an OCR scanner will scan the invoices.

Electronic invoicing

Present and monitor transactional documents between you and your supplier(s).


Stay on top of everything that happens in your business thanks to customized reports, generated in real time.

Custom fields

Customizable templates so you can add the fields you need.

Multiple currencies

Issue and record invoices in any currency by changing the settings in your Holded account.

Try Holded completely free and without limits for 14 days.

You can do many things with Holded, but you don't have to know everything to start.

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