Your B2B online catalog

Offer your customers a user-friendly way to find, buy and pay for your products. Configure which items are visible to each customer and assign personalized rates for each one.

Set up your products


Set up your products down to the last detail. Create attributes and groups for every product in your catalog.

Decide which of your available items you want visible to clients to match your sales model

Customized client rates


Adapt your pricing to different clients’ needs, and assign each rate to their client profile.

Choose which clients you activate Catalog for. Send individual and mass invites to start generating sales directly from your online catalog in seconds.

Your online marketplace

In Catalog, your clients place their orders just like in any other online store. Simply add products to the cart to start creating an order.

Receive orders​

When clients place orders with Catalog, you’ll immediately receive a Sales Order in your Holded account.

Process orders​

Detailed management of clients’ orders. Approve order requests, assign warehouses, choose shipping methods and more.

Complete coordination

A beautifully simple calendar gives you a complete overview of your team’s time off. See their holidays, and the number of days off they have left.

Live order status

Your clients will always be able to view the status of their orders in real-time. Build your client’s trust with transparent logistics.

Client access

Decide which clients will use Catalog and give them a personalized experience as you customize their profile. Each client will receive their own login details for maximum security.

Invite your clients now to start generating sales and take your company to the next level.

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