The Spanish Start-Ups Making the Biggest Impact

Javi Fondevila

The last decade has seen several new start-ups hit the market and make waves with their unique innovations and ideas. But, let’s face it though, starting up a business can be difficult, and this is why many start-ups tend to come out of bigger countries and cities.

Whilst most of these have come out of your ‘typical’ tech-y countries such as the U.S. and the UK, Spain has seen its fair share of start-ups making their marks on the world. Some of Spain’s best start-ups are even leading the way in their respective fields.

Although Barcelona and Madrid may not be on the same level as business hot-spots such as London, New York, or Silicon Valley, they are still home to several notable companies making a big impact.

4 of Spain’s Best Start-Ups Making a Big Impact

Here are three notable Spanish start-ups that are helping prove that Spain is just as good as London or New York when it comes to providing new and exciting businesses!

1. Privalia

To date, Privalia is one of Spain’s best start-ups and is one of the country’s most successful companies, period. In fact, it was one of the first modern Spanish start-ups, founded in 2006 during the heights of the internet boom.

Born in Barcelona, Privalia is the creation of Lucas Carne and Jose Manual Villanueva, its two co-founders. It is an e-commerce website that lets its users buy and sell fashion and household products. Privalia is an example of how a very simple business idea executed in the right way can grow to be a massive household name—we can all draw inspiration from this, that’s for sure.

2. 21 Buttons

Another Barcelona-based start-up company is 21 Buttons. Although they are quite new, they have already proven themselves to be one of the most exciting and, possibly, soon to be best start-ups in Spain if their growth statistics are anything to go by.

21 Buttons is a sort-of hybrid between e-commerce marketplace and social network where influencers within the fashion industry can share and show off their wardrobes. Calling themselves ‘the ultimate fashion social and shopping network’, 21 Buttons says that its users are merely a click or two away from their favorite social influencer’s favorite clothing.

3. Coverfy

Founded in 2016, another Barcelona-based start-up is Coverfy. It is a service that helps their users manage their insurance with different companies, optimize prices, find the best insurance offers, and identify ideal coverage through a single, simple app.

Coverfy basically takes the arduous task of searching for and managing all your insurance-related issues, and there was clearly a demand in the market for it—Coverfy was a finalist in the Global Fintech Awards 2017, the only Spanish start-up to reach the final.

4. Glovo

Another one of Spain’s best start-ups is Barcelona-based (we are starting to see a pattern here…) company, Glovo. Glovo is changing the way that consumers access local goods, making it possible for almost any product to be ordered and delivered in under an hour.

Using an on-demand mobile app, Glovo connects customers directly with local couriers and delivery drivers who can go and collect goods from any restaurant, shop, or manufacturer in a city and deliver it within an hour.

Glovo was founded in 2015 and has since gone international, available in countries such as Italy, France, Argentina, and Turkey.

Spain is No Stranger to Innovative Start-Ups

The four names above represent four of Spain’s best start-ups, however, there are so many more out there. From Mr Jeff, an app eliminating the need to do your own laundry, to Geoblink, a location intelligence tool, Spain is starting to see more and more promising tech start-ups with each passing day.

Each of these start-ups are proving that there is so much more to Spain than nice weather, Sandy beaches, and great food; cities such as Barcelona are thriving technological hubs where some of the world’s most exciting start-ups are being born every single day.

It shall be exciting to see just how far these companies go and what other new start-ups are on the horizon.

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