5 Entrepreneur Documentaries You Must Watch

Javi Fondevila

Building your business knowledge isn’t just about doing market research, reading books, and learning about boring business lingo, there are plenty of fun and engaging ways you can go about doing it. One of these ways is by watching documentaries and, luckily for you, Netflix is teeming with entrepreneurial documentaries that are fun, interesting, and will teach you a great deal of information you otherwise would never have found.

Netflix has a vast cache of tech and business-related documentaries that anybody with a Netflix subscription can watch. These entrepreneur documentaries range from the likes of Steve Jobs and Henry Ford to the mindset and psychology behind the human behavior of successful people.

5 Entrepreneur Documentaries You Should Watch

Each of the documentaries we have listed below offers an interesting storyline and a priceless insight into commercial success.

1. The Startup Kids

Packed full of interviews with the founders of many of the internet’s earliest big startups, The Startup Kids reaches out to the founders of Vimeo, Dropbox, Soundcloud, and Foodspotting, among many others, to let you look inside their minds and learn about what it was that got them going, what makes them tick, and how they became some of the internet’s very first big entrepreneurs.

Sharing a valuable insight into the life of an entrepreneur and giving a sense of the dynamics that startup life involves, The Startup Kids is a must-watch for any budding entrepreneur and is the best entrepreneur documentary available right now.

2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This 2011 documentary covers Jiro Ono, a successful Japanese sushi chef and restaurant owner who is known for his unmatched craft and skill… and, of course, the $300 per plate dinners that he sells in his restaurant. Now over 90 years old, Jiro Ono’s entrepreneur documentary follows him as he works closely with suppliers to secure only the finest ingredients, mentors his staff, and coaches his son to succeed him in business when he retires.

We have chosen this for the list because it shows viewers the dedication, obsession, and decades of hard work and how it can pay off to achieve nothing short of perfection.

3. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work takes us on a journey into the life of the late Joan Rivers and her many business ventures. Following the well-known comedian for around a year, the documentary’s filmmakers reveal the ups and downs of her life and her quest to stay relevant… something that’s easier said than done.

This entrepreneur documentary looks at how Joan meticulously organizes her life and highlights her willingness to do any job or work to ensure her staff gets their paychecks. If this entrepreneur documentary shows us anything, it is how you may sometimes need to sacrifice a lot to gain a little and puts into perspective the determination needed for success.

4. American Experience: Henry Ford

We mentioned Henry Ford, and for good reason. This documentary shows how a humble farm boy rose to become one of the greatest innovators of the 20th century and one of the biggest and most recognizable names in history.

This entrepreneur documentary follows Henry Ford from boyhood to his adulthood as he achieves his status as one of the world’s foremost names by founding the world’s most recognizable automobile manufacturing companies. Henry Ford forever changed the way we do business, manufacture products, and even work day-to-day.

5. TED Talks: Life Hacks

You have probably heard about TED Talks, and for good reason—they are a series of highly motivating talks conducted by some of the world’s most recognizable names.

TED Talks: Life Hacks consists of 10 popular TED lectures that offer insights, tips, and advice for finding success in the commercial world. It is a comprehensive video series that covers everything—from body language tips to productivity tricks—that you need to know to find your feet in the world of business and hit the ground running.

Don’t just stop here, though. TED produces a huge number of its talks given by some of the world’s most inspiring individuals. All of these can be found on YouTube and we highly recommend going out of your way to watch some.

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