With more than 25 years of experience in Spain, we provide complete support for companies in accounting, labor tax and administrative areas. Our specialized team advises companies from all sectors and business models, especially foreign companies that wish to enter the Spanish market. Our differential value lies in our certified experience, multilingual team, adaptation to new technologies and experts in each service area. We work tirelessly to ensure the success of our clients. Our highly trained and specialized professionals are ready to advise companies from all sectors and business models. Both local and foreign companies trust us to outsource their management and expand in Spain. Experience: 25 years of experience certify our quality and knowledge. Specialization: We have a team specialized by area, with years of experience and certified knowledge. International: A multilingual team capable of communicating in several languages ​​and with clients with extensive international experience. Marimón lawyers: Our alliance allows us to provide exceptional legal support.

'Habla' Holded con tu asesoría

En Holded traducimos lo complejo y lo hacemos fácil e intuitivo. Utiliza nuestro programa junto con tu asesoría y comprende mejor el estado de tu negocio.