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Affiliate program

Recommend Holded and make money while helping other companies.

How it works

Create your free Holded account

You can use Holded for free up to 50 bills a year, and if you just want to be an affiliate it's free forever.

Create your account
Login to the affiliate panel

From your profile photo, go to the invite friends page.

Invite other companies

You can invite other users by inserting advertising in your blog or web or using the link that we provide.

How much do I earn?

up to 25%

From your clients' lifetime suscriptions

Who can be a Holded Affiliate?

Business consultants

Implement Holded to your customers to digitize their management and improve their efficiency.


Recommend Holded to your customers as management software and access to generate taxation and accounting.


Promote Holded on your blog and generate additional revenue for each customer you get.


Promote Holded on your social networks and recommend it to your followers.


Publicita Holded in your media either online or offline and get additional income.


Recommend Holded to your customers to take your accounting and account with direct access to your account.


What is the Holded Affiliate Program?
The affiliate program rewards users who attract other users to Holded with 10% of the fee paid by their guests. We want to build a community of companies and professionals who can benefit from Holded technology and what better way than rewarding who we recommend.
How does the affiliate program work?
It's very simple, you just have to create a Holded account to access. Then from your profile photo you can enter invite friends . You will find a link to send to your friends or clients from which when you create an account is assigned to your user and you can keep track of their evolution. In addition we provide you banners and graphic material to insert in your blog or web or in case you want to send it in an email.
How do I charge my commissions?
We pay your commissions once a month, and we pay you by bank transfer. The minimum amount to start charging commissions is € 20.
How much can I win?
The limit you put it. You can generate between € 12 and € 120 per year per customer. If you get 1,000 customers it would be € 120,000 a year for a lifetime, without having to do anything else, better than the Nescafé salary.
Why should I become a Holded Affiliate?
If you have friends or clients who are interested in Holded, why not take advantage of it? Start generating active income and monetizing your network of contacts. In addition Holded offers the best product on the market and your affiliates will be very happy with your suggestion.
How can I start?
Create your Holded account, access Invite friends from your profile photo and start making money.