A set of tools to manage your business

With Holded you can automate more than 50% of your tasks

Quick deployment

No matter the size of your business, Holded adapts to your needs whether you are a freelancer or a company.


For any activity, you can customize Holded to manage only what you need, no more and no less.

A global product

Invite your team with personalized access and work collaboratively without losing control.


Manage your finances


Access a report on your benefit in full detail. Navigate your operating account, explore what happens to your sales and expenses for each account, manage forecasts and get a real-time business plan that updates automatically.


The most important of your business, the cashflow, now at your fingertips updated automatically, navigable and customizable. Visualize the future of your box as you do the work of each day, add forecasts and compare the evolution. All in a navigable environment that allows you to consult up to the last detail behind each number.

Automate your management

The main objective of Holded is to automate your processes so that you can devote your time to making a decision with the information that you need at your fingertips.

Automatic sales

With Holded’s automatic recurring billing, you can schedule a sales invoice with all the details you want, activate the automation and the invoice will be created and sent to your customers automatically. You can even use our system of dynamic words so that automatically the message of each invoice is adapted to the invoice of each period.

Automatic purchases

You can create your purchases automatically from recurring purchases, or from the bank itself. If you activate the automatic purchases option from the bank, you can create creation rules and every night Holded will connect to your bank and will count all the purchases according to the rules that you have defined or that Holded has learned with its artificial intelligence.

Connect your banks

Connect your banks and get the bank statement automatically in Holded. We have more than 50 banking entities from around the world integrated in Holded so you can synchronize the movements. In addition, you can do it every time you want or program for Holded to do it only whenever there are new operations.

Once all your movements are in Holded, the reconciliation is done automatically locating the coincidences as well as counting the movements according to the rules that you have defined or that Holded creates learning of your behavior with the last technology of artificial intelligence.

Interactive reports

Access over 500 report combinations using filters and segments. View all the information about your business in reports that allow you to get to the last detail. Combine graphics and tables to see at a glance what you need and deepen when you want.

Create custom Boards, modify existing widgets, or add the ones you want. In Holded, each user can have the dashboard he wants and need, and tailor it to him, to see the information that is relevant to each team member.