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Invoicing guides

We all know that an invoice is a commercial document that includes all the information of a sale. This should reflect a series of data such as the product or service offered, the amount and the total amount of the transaction. And they are of particular importance to entrepreneurs and freelancers who must declare to the Treasury every three months.

In addition to this, there are different types of invoice: ordinary, simplified, amending, recapitulation, and proforma. All of these have their purpose and, to be in control of a business’s finances, we must be clear when to use which.

Explicamos los básicos de la facturación. ¿Conoces todos los tipos de factura que existen?
Te explicamos todo lo que necesitas saber para convertirte en un verdadero maestro de las facturas.
Todos están obligados a contener ciertos requisitos mínimos para que el documento sea válido.
Si no son una factura real ni un presupuesto, ¿entonces para qué sirven?