Manage your files from the cloud

Make your teamwork easier, organized and more efficient. Store all of your documents in one safe, easily accessible place. Drag and drop folders you create straight to your desktop. Keep all your business’s documents safe and sound, without the need for loads of different applications

File management

Securely save and organize your files in The Cloud

Instant synchronization

Access, edit and move both your own and your team’s documents, and see your changes in real-time

Share files

Everyone in the company working and sharing files on one platform… as a team

Share everything

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Create folders to manage all your company’s files store them securely in the Cloud. Save time and space on your hard drive when you organize your files with Box.

Form and function

A clean, minimalist interface makes it a joy to organize and search for files

No frills

Manage your files with ease. Intuitive navigation and document previews mean you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

It’s all in the details

Managing your storage space is easy, and a quick way to get an overview of your organization. Control what documents and subfolders can be accessed by all your Holded users.

Instantly access your files

Make the most of your time by sharing files through Box, accessing yours, or any of your team’s, documents in seconds.
Don’t bother with long, confusing email threads and attachments anymore- create, share and update files with Box!

Drag and drop

Share any and all files with your team as if by magic. Drag any document you want to share into the Cloud, and it’s immediately visible to whoever you choose.
Once you’ve dragged and dropped your files, synchronization happens instantly across all other devices. Now you and your team can access the new files anytime, anywhere, with Box.